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33rd ISA: We give you some pix of the Japanese Team!!

The Japanese Team demonstrate the finest of team spirit wherever we take their picture.  Pictured at the top is their table at the Awards Banquet on Friday evening, 2014 08 15. The next photo was taken during the MeetNgreet, 2014 … Continue reading

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Midland Shuffleboard Club Travels to Coldwater to Shuffle!!

After getting to know some of the members of the Midland shuffleboard club, all the result of the International Tournament recently held in their home town. Word about the International Tournament became known to many of the Midland players through … Continue reading

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33rd ISA: We Give You The Message From the USA NSA President, Sandi Quinn, at it appears in Memories of Midland.

Greetings from Hendersonville, NC, I have not had the privilege of visiting Midland or playing shuffleboard there, but I have heard and read many wonderful accounts of both. Regrettably, I am unable to be at this ISA event, however; I … Continue reading

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Saltwater NS Club Winds up a Most Successful Season!!

The message below is from Glenna Earle of the Saltwater Shuffleboard Club, Nova Scotia. Yesterday, 2014 08 26, the Saltwater Shuffleboard Club finished our very successful season in Sackville, with a pot luck party still to come,  next week.  David and I will … Continue reading

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33rd ISA: Welcome Message from the CNSA President, Henry Strong.

I take this opportunity as President of the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association to welcome shufflers from around the world, as well as their families and friends, to this 33rd World Team Shuffleboard Championship in the beautiful town of Midland, Ontario, … Continue reading

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Message From the Royal Palms Crew, Gowanus, Brooklyn, New York.

I share this message (below) with you. It is from the “Royal Palms Crew”, authored by Jonathan Schnapp.  Loyal readers will know that Jonathan and Ashley both participated in the 33rd ISA in Midland, ON. Loyal readers will also know that Jonathan … Continue reading

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Given What Happened to George Adkins on June 22nd, His Participation in the 33rd ISA Took Courage!

We ran this report on June 23rd!! George Adkins had a Sudden Cardiac Death  today (June 22nd) at our Grandson’s Ball game. There were nurses and a Doctor at the ball field.  They did CPR and they shocked him 3 times; … Continue reading

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Canada 55 Plus: More info!!

Go here to see the names of the Shufflers participating in Canada 55 Plus:   Good Luck to each!! You will note that Shuffling does not begin until Thursday, 2014 08 28.  Also, there are several more teams as indicated … Continue reading

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33rd ISA: We Give You The Memories of Midland Letter From the ISA President!

Pic above is of our President and family members attending the MeetNgreet of the  33rd ISA.  Michael and Gabriel shuffled; Ivone and ISAbella did not. I now give you the letter, as it appears in Memories of Midland, from the President … Continue reading

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33rd ISA: Prior to the HOF Banquet, We were entertained by the Soar Rope Skipping Team!

  The attention of the audience tells us just how very much the event was enjoyed!! Thanks to the Performers and their coach!! And now, some pictures from the skipping team. (click on each pic) The team placed in several events at … Continue reading

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