We Give You Great Pix of the 33rd ISA. We give you ready access to Pic c/w Stories!!

I am now going to list the links to all the Slide Shows directly related to the 33rd ISA. 

  1. Formal Team Photos  http://photopeach.com/album/10isgxw
  2. The Mountie steals the show:  http://photopeach.com/album/5iceuy
  3. MeetNgreet 33rd ISA http://photopeach.com/album/1167oor
  4. Murals of Midland  http://photopeach.com/album/ttbmr7
  5. Opening Day Planning Sessions  http://photopeach.com/album/sj7ey7
  6. 33rd ISA Corn Roast  http://photopeach.com/album/7m9i6h
  7. Enjoying the Corn  http://photopeach.com/album/17dce0o
  8. ISA HOF Ceremonial Banquet  http://photopeach.com/album/k0d75x
  9. ISA HOF Pix by Gary Pipher  http://photopeach.com/album/rigboq
  10. Lifetime Achievement Award Roy http://photopeach.com/album/10tni68
  11. Lifetime Achievement Award Kosai  http://photopeach.com/album/16kuvyr
  12. 33rd ISA HOF Inductions  http://photopeach.com/album/128mirq

For those of you who wish an option, the option of viewing the articles posted on the BLOG (http://theshuffler.net)   complete with pix and stories,  you have a number of ways to achieve this.

  1. Enter “33rd” into the search rectangle and hit “search”.

  2. Look for the category (See Categories) in bold; and click on “ISA (INTERNATIONAL)”  I suggest you try both and decide which one is better for you.   

  3. NOTE: Slide Shows will also be available > should you wish to access the link.  I normally suggest that YOU NOT RETAIN FILES > but of course there are always exceptions.  I suggest you do, in fact, keep this file in your computer >>> OR, even go as far as printing it off!!  ((Did I say that???? lol))

  4. ALSO, if you decide to share this file, just forward it to your friends.   They too will have access >> just as you do.

  5. Stan McCormack.  stanistheman_200@yahoo.com   2014 09 04 For goodness sake, ask a question if you think you are missing something.  There is no such thing as a dumb question!!



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