Coldwater Shufflebord Club Winds Up the 2014 Season in Style!!


Coldwater Shuffleboard wrapped up another great summer season today Sept 18 2014, and will start up again with winter shuffleboard on Oct 14 2014 in the auditorium of the Coldwater Community Center . The final day of the summer season features an AGM with election of officers for the ensuing year before the afternoon games begin.

While the players are out on the courts enjoying their last games of the season ,  their are a few others who begin to set up the tables for the dinner banquet .  Barb Pipher is always in charge of the banquet and each year it seems to run that much smoother.

Larry Lalonde is the caterer of choice for the Coldwater Club and has been since the club began , and his meals are always delicious.. Tonight he served roast pork / roast beef and all the trimmings .  As a special treat to the Coldwater club from ELM Catering and staff , they had a large cake decorated in the form of shuffleboard courts. See pic at top.

 If you have a peak at the pictures you will see Larry and his crew posing behind the cake. (link below)

I have attached several photos taken before the dinner while the players are anxiously waiting the announcement of the dinner bell.

Look at the players and the next time you will see many of them will be in Florida .

Tell them you saw their picture on Stan’s Blog .

Sent along by Gary Pipher with thanks!! 

To view the Slide Show of the 2014 Coldwater end of Season Event:

Stan 2014 09 19

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1 Response to Coldwater Shufflebord Club Winds Up the 2014 Season in Style!!

  1. Jim and Beth Allen says:

    Love the cake picture!


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