When Gas Pumps were like this > gasoloine cost 39 cents a gallon!! I seldom put in more than $2.00 worth!!

IMG_4376 (2)

No, this pic is not from Disney World > but indeed they have a similar set of pumps!!  This pic was taken by yours truly in Lindsay, ON on 2014 09 18.   Pumps and Sign are for sale. 

Gasoline cost 39 cents a gallon >> not a  litre, most of us did not know what a litre was??  Not sure about you but I normally put in $2.00 worth AND as I recall, that lasted me for about a week!!   

IMG_4375The same gentleman had this Adams Motor Grader for sale.  They too have changed > just a little!! (click on pic to explode!)   Stan McCormack.  2014 09 20

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