With Regret we share with you that Wilbur Horne Leaves Us!

Wilbur Horn US Nat HOF

It was announced to-day during shuffling, that Wilbur Horne has “passed on”.  If my math is correct, Wilbur would have been 87.  The article to follow was published in The Shuffler on 2009 02 01, Feb 01st 2009.  Stan McCormack 2014 09 23

Wilbur Horn is undoubtedly one of the best shufflers in the West Coast District in which he has been a member since he started playing shuffleboard in the early 80’s.

Wilbur has a long list of impressive shuffleboard achievements. He won 2 National Doubles; placed in the National Doubles 7 consecutive times with partner Mickey Henson; and won 4 National tournaments in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Wilbur won Florida State Non Walking Singles; Florida State Mixed Doubles; Florida State Tournament of Champions, and numerous other State Tournaments.

Wilbur not only shuffles in Florida but is also heavily involved with summer shuffling in Hendersonville, North Carolina. He was Chairman of the committee responsible for having the Roof Over of the Hendersonville courts installed; he accomplished the installation of all the electrical wiring and light fixtures on the courts, and helped to paint and lines the courts. Additionally, he was responsible for the Hendersonville shuffleboard schedule for 5 years.

At 82 years of age, Wilbur is still an avid shuffler and has not lost his touch to kitchen from any spot on the court!!

Congratulations Wilbur!! The West Coast District is proud of your accomplishments and induction into the US National Hall of Fame.

Congratulations from all Shufflers on this recognition of your significant contribution to the sport!!  THE SHUFFLER. 2009 02 01.

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1 Response to With Regret we share with you that Wilbur Horne Leaves Us!

  1. Phil & Pam says:

    We will miss you, Whip.


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