Shuffleboard May Be Retro; But For Sure It’s Cool!!


IMG_3749 Corn R. Begins

photo (3)

I believe the pix above are GREAT!!  “Cool Settings” for all 3!!  I am going to ask you, the READERS,  to share your view of the “settings” > along with what you remember of both evenings!!  Where pix were taken and anything else you wish to add!!   You will have to speculate, to use your imagination, with regard to the lowest pic!!!!   Talk about “retro” >> Take a look at the two turn tables, c/w 33 1/3 (LP Records) Jonathan and Beth are arched over!!!!!!! 

Stan: Please leave your comments at the end (bottom) of the article as it is displayed on the blog.  In that way, everyone will be able to share!!   2014 09 27.




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2 Responses to Shuffleboard May Be Retro; But For Sure It’s Cool!!

  1. Beth Allen says:

    Jonathan is the DJ extraordinaire!! We are having a fabulous weekend at the Royal Palms. Ashley and Jonathan could not be better hosts to us AND every other guest in this completely packed club!! Every court is full of smiling shufflers. A great time in a great place!!



    First one is Friday Night Open House at St. Petersburg, Florida October 2013. I remember hard rock music, beer trucks and lots if youth shooting disks on the shuffleboard courts. Second is Midland, Canada circa August 2014. Its the corn roast country barbecue and country western band. I remember people from various nations dancing in the open air as reliving their youth. Both are good reasons to participate in ISA World Championships. You never know where they are going to take you.



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