What Did Michael Zellner Mean When He Left This Remark on Facebook?? (Are Stan and Lois Going Somewhere??)

Michael Zellner said this** on Facebook    in response to this article  written by Gary Pipher on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 33rd (Midland) ISA https://theshuffler.net/2014/09/01/33rd-isa-we-acknowledge-stan-and-lois-mccormacks-contribution-and-extend-our-thanks/

**”You both will be sorely missed from my team.   Live long and Prosper.”  

To see the comment:  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152694918195960&set=a.10151998059680960.1073741825.660175959&type=1&comment_id=10152751417225960&offset=0&total_comments=13

Many many shufflers, being gracious and kind and supportive of their fellow shufflers, have left remarks on the Facebook page in reaction to Michael’s remark.  Lois and I are, of course, appreciative of such remarks.  As Michael did not explain the basis for his (kind) remark, I thought that I should.  Lois and I stepped down, that is left, the ISA Board shortly after the most successful 33rd (Midland ISA).  We both enjoyed immensely the time we spent in support of the ISA; we both enjoyed working with the entire Board.  We both came to the conclusion that it was time we left and gave the opportunity to others to serve.   

And now you “know the rest of the story”!! 

Stan and Lois.  2014 09 28. 


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