10 Years Ago to the day, The Shuffler Posted this Story by Gus Bondi!!

Gus & Marie Bondi HOF 2007 (2)Gus Bondi speaks on Sep 29th, 2004:  “This will be a general note to let you all know what happened to us with Jeanne.***…Jeanne didn’t get us but our neighbor’s house did~~~~~Our neighbor’s total porch and the whole back section of their roof, shingles and plywood flew over the front part of their house and landed on our carport, caving it in and landing on top of my favorite car, my 1982 Mercedes. Our car port is totalled and my car is full of dents and scratches~~~but it started and runs!!I was debating about donating this car to “make a wish foundation” and keep my wife’s Mercedes [1991] ~~~~ I no longer have a debate! It’s going and I’m going to miss “Old Betsy”. We would not have had any damage at all if it weren’t for the flying roof. That piece must have weighed over 700 pounds and probably more. It’s all piled in front of our house and it’s going to make a nice Christmas card this year. Our carport and their porch make one BIG pile of aluminum.

And after all this, I count our blessings. We headed south to our son’s place in Fort Myers to get away from the storm and traveled on route 17 through Wauchula, Zolpho Springs, Arcadia and part of Punta Gorda and a lot of small old towns whose buildings weren’t built for hurricanes. I could not believe my eyes as to the damage to WHERE HOUSES AND BUSINESS’S ONCE STOOD…..Nothing left but a slab and sometimes no slab. Piles of houses on the side of the road, trees snapped in half or uprooted. Roofs caved in and not many signs standing at all. Tons and tons of brush and debris all over the sides of the roads. It will take many months to get back to normal in the state of Florida.

Our “sardine can” held up, but my nice neighbor from Iowa did us in. Their place is a total in my eyes as far as insurance is concerned. I’ll be talking to their insurance company to pay for our damage when they get here from Iowa. They will be staying with us. We took a lot of pictures. I’m home in my own home, just took a nice hot shower and I count my blessings. LOT’S of people in Florida weren’t as lucky as we were. A lot have no home at all………were lucky people!!! ”                   

THE SHUFFLER: This colourful and descriptive report written by Gus Bondi and reproduced with his permission. We thank you Gus and Marie:

Stan and Alf. 2004 09 29.  ***Jeanne is the 12th deadliest storm in the Atlantic hurricane history ever. Final property damage in the United States was $6.8 billion, making this the 13th costliest hurricane in U.S. history.

NOTE: Gus has had a rough time with his health this past several months.  However; he has shared with me that his is now feeling much better and very much looking forward to the upcoming shuffleboard season!! 

Stan McCormack, 2014 09 29. 


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