The Green Jacket Will Have To Wait At Least One More Week!!

Ellen DavisJoan 1 ReducedJoan Cook is now within 2 POINTS in her quest to reach the magic number of 1,000!!!!  And no doubt, the points come with even greater difficulty the closer she gets!!  (Ellen on the left; Joan on the right.)

To-day at State Tournament PO2 B in Zephyrhills while partnering with Ellen Davis, Joan and Ellen picked up 3rd place in the Main Event.  To see the complete results, click:

PO3 A beginning 2014 10 20 at Clearwater will be the next opportunity for Joan to Go Over The Top!!  PO3 is a Mixed Doubles and Joan is partnering with Stan Williamson!!  I can assure you that in order to win at Clearwater,  ANY TEAM  will have to be at the top of THEIR GAME!!

Stan McCormack 2014 10 14.

If you wish to read a little about Stan Williamson, enter his name into the search rectangle and hit search.

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