TD Dale Monday of the Western National Sends Along This Message!!

wsa logo from dale mondayThe 2014 Western National Open Team Shuffleboard Tournament will be held in Mesa, AZ, with teams competing against each other from November 3rd through 8th. This is the largest shuffleboard tournament in the world!  (We hope to provide coverage!)

The tournament consists of 24 teams (each team consists of 16 to 18 shufflers) from Canada and the United States. 

A1 Site US Nats 2003 Greenfield Park MesaThe tournament will be held at three locations:  Greenfield Village RV Resort (host resort), located at 111 S. Greenfield Road; Venture Out RV Resort, 5001 E. Main Street; and Sunland Village, the resort’s main entrance is on Diamond Ave and East of Greenfield Rd. (Click on pic to explode)

Each team will play one another and will play 4 games per day on Monday through Friday and 3 games on Saturday.  The game times are 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. and 12:30 and 2:30 p.m. daily.  The event is free and open to the public. 

Dale Monday,  Tournament Director. 2014 10 17 

Stan speaks: To read a little about the Mondays, enter Dale Monday into the search rectangle and hit search.  To read the report of the same event in 2006, click: W1 WESTERN 2006 BEGINS OCTOBER 30TH  And now I give you a pic of the Winning Team of 2005:  X P 4A BC ONE, 2006, 1st place Red Division.Click on pic to explode.  To read about other Western Events, enter the word Western into the search rectangle and hit search.  And now I give you the 2006 Results: 


In the Black Group.

Arizona Inlanders            134 wins;    60 losses

Alberta Stampeders          117 wins;    67 losses

California Panthers         94.5* wins; 89.5 losses

In the Red Group.  

B.C.ONE                        118.5 wins;  65.5 losses

Manitoba Bisons       106.5 wins;   77.5 losses

Alberta Oilers              100.5 wins;   83.5 losses

*The reason .5 wins is that each team gets 1/2 point for a tie game.

THE SHUFFLER would like to thank Ken Trimble for this info.2006 11 05.

First Place in the Black Division of the Western Team Tournament in 2006 was the ARIZONA INLANDERS.  Jessie Dunlop has captained the Inlanders for 3 years and placed 1st or 2nd in each year!!

John Rosenkrans & Lee of M&SEach Inlanders Player received a beautiful trophy from M&S SPORTING GOODS of Mesa. Our regular readers will recall that M&S were one of 3 Shuffleboard Organizations to sponsor the Orchestra for the Cruise taken by ISA (International Shuffleboard Assn) players in August of 2007. See John Rosenkrans 2nd pic in the margin. 

Do hope you have enjoyed some of the “Look Back” from my Archives!!   If you have a desire to see a particular year, please let me know.  Stan McCormack 2014 10 18. 




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