Ray and Alice Brisk of Woodbrook Estates Celebrate 72 Years of Happiness Together!! October 24th is the BIG DAY!!


Ray and Alice of Woodbrook Estates in Lakeland FL celebrate 72 years of marriage on October 24th, 2014. From All of Us, Happy Anniversary!!

Ray turns 92 on November 1st, 2014.  Alice will be 91 on May 31st, 2015. 

Lois and I just got off the phone with them (2014 10 23 19:30) and they both sound oh so good; oh so happy; oh so healthy!!  As an indicator of their energy level, they shared with us that they would like to, once again, serve the Cookies and Coffee for our home Woodbrook Inter-park Shuffleboard Events!!  Ray had to give up shuffling only 2 years ago. 

Ray and Alice are a significant part of a park performing group that gives a great deal of laughter and happiness to others.  I AM OH SO CONFIDENT THAT SHUFFLEBOARD IS A KEY FACTOR IN KEEPING Ray and Alice  healthy and full of energy!!   

I am now going to provide you access to some additional information regarding Ray and Alice.  RAY AND ALICE in March of 2012  Ray and Alice continue to be an INSPIRATION to all SHUFFLERS in Woodbrook Estates, Lakeland, FL.

Bonus information: See the framed document in the pic above, slightly above the bookcase in the pic, that is the letter of congratulations from President Obama.  To read just a bit more about this amazing  couple: https://theshuffler.net/2014/02/11/the-brisks-a-perfect-example-of-service-to-their-communtiy/   AND SEE ANOTHER GREAT PIC OF THEM!!! 

Stan McCormack, 2014 10 23.

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2 Responses to Ray and Alice Brisk of Woodbrook Estates Celebrate 72 Years of Happiness Together!! October 24th is the BIG DAY!!

  1. Alfie & Carm says:

    Congratulations to Ray and Alice.
    Well done, Stan


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