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Davis Memorial Annual Tournament! Sponsored by Dick Davis!!

The Davis Memorial takes place at Avon Park and is open to all!!  It takes place on Black Friday each year.  That is Ralph Day on the extreme left.  Next we have the Amateur Winners beginning with Moe Vermeulen who … Continue reading

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How shuffleboard helped shape Leesburg in the 20th Century

The eighth and final panel of the Leesburg Bicentennial Mural depicts recreational endeavors of Leesburg’s residents and guests. It’s only fitting the mural, which portrayed 120 years of Leesburg history, includes scenes of kids playing baseball, fishing for bass, hunting, … Continue reading

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Historical Look at the Early Roll of Champions by Bob Pearson!!

ROLL OF CHAMPIONS: THE AWARDS BANQUET WAS SHUFFLEBOARD’S GALA EVENT OF THE SEASON!! The top 8 Men and the top 8 Women received gold medals and the next 8 Men and Women received silver medals. The medals were presented by a … Continue reading

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The Passing of Marg Myers, wife of Sandy, former ISA Ex. VP.

We regret to inform you of the passing of “Marg Myers”. Hi Marcia: My name is  Scott Myers and I’m Sandy and Marg’s youngest son. I have sad news to tell you. My mother, Marg, passed away peacefully on Friday morning. … Continue reading

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Shuffleboard nightclub is all the rage!! Read Royal Palms!!

NYC’s best new activities!! Best new nightlife activity: Shuffleboard: Two words you didn’t expect to work? Shuffleboard nightclub. But it does. Big time. Since opening earlier this year, the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club has been drawing crowds on a nightly … Continue reading

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What Do These People Have in Common??

Click once on pic to expand!!   OK, you were able to tell me what they have in common!!  Can you tell me what year this was >> and the occasion?  Leave your reply below. Stan McCormack 2014 11 19 To … Continue reading

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Another “exclusive” for the Bloggers!! Do You Know What a Dumb Waiter Is?

If you had a dumb waiter in your home, please leave a comment in the “Leave a Reply” section which is below  the article!!   Better still, leave a comment anyway!!.   Dumb Waiter Story  Click on the link to read!!  You just … Continue reading

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Roll of Champions: Lakeland, 2014 12 08; Check Below To See Who Has Earned a Medal!! You May be Surprised!!

Pix above are of the 2013 Roll of Champions Tournament.  From left to right, top row, Women:  Gold; Silver and Bronze.  Men from left to right: Bronze; Silver and Gold.  Click once on pic to expand.  At the Lakeland Shuffleboard … Continue reading

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Not Everyone Will Want To Read This Article!! I do hope those who do so, will enjoy!!!

THE EVOLUTION OF FARMING IN MY TIME 2014 11 17  The link is to a pdf file which those of you with a rural background just may appreciate.   Remember; you do not have to read all my articles!!  There is NO TEST. … Continue reading

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Look What I Found!!! These Tangs have been in “storage” for a good number of years!!

  STORY:  My neighbor, Marion Simpson, approached me on Saturday morning (2014 11 15) and said: “Stan; I just returned from a sale; a sale where they have some “old” shuffleboard equipment.  I think you just may be interested!!  I … Continue reading

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