33rd Annual National Western Team Tournament! Day 2 Report.

Monday Dale
Dale Monday Speaks:  Dale is the TD for the Western Tournament. 
I am attaching the results of the tournament after the 2nd day of play.  Below is a short article concerning the tournament.  I intend to send you some pictures as the tournament progresses, it just has been really busy getting the tournament running and trying to get things done for the banquet. 


The 33rd Annual National Western Team Tournament kicked off on Sunday, Nov 2nd in Mesa, AZ. In the morning the captain’s meeting was conducted by the director, Dale Monday.  All twenty-four team captains and many assistant captains were in attendance.  During the meeting the tournament rules and forms were reviewed and explained and three new captains and two new teams were introduced. The team captains then drew for number and division color. Dale explained that 12 teams would be in each division and the top three teams in each division would receive awards.  

In the afternoon the opening ceremonies were conducted with approximately 350 shufflers in attendance. Dale welcomed all the shufflers and introduced all the sponsors.  The general rules were reviewed and the tournament format and banquet were explained.  

Tournament play started on Monday, Nov 3rd with the banquet be held on Nov 8th, preceded by a two hour social.  After two days of competition the results are: Day 2 stats  (click to open the pdf file)

We can expect pix at a later time.  Dale is on the left; Rob Robinson, AZ State President, is on the right.

Stan McCormack 2014 11 05.

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