We Salute Ozcar and Diane Clarin of Winter Haven

IMG_4525Holding Office in any organization is never easy.  Holding office in a Shuffleboard organization is often complicated by the health of individuals and limited resources to carry out the many tasks essential to success, especially when the Club hosts District and State Tournaments.   

The Clarins, Ozcar and Diane have supported the Winter Haven Club since they joined in 2006.  If there was a need for volunteers, you could count on the Clarins!!  They volunteered because they enjoyed it and accordingly gave their best.  Diane has filled in as Secretary and as Treasurer.

Ozcar Clarin served Shuffleboard for 5 consecutive years as the Winter Haven President. He was ably assisted by wife Diane.  Both labored far in excess of what should be reasonably expected of any two individuals in a similar position.  I think, as you read this, you should ask yourself: “Is this happening in my Club”??     As they leave office, they wish the Winter Haven Club the greatest success!!

To all Club Officers who give freely of their time, I say Thank You on behalf of all of us who benefit from your hard work: Listen to this song > and think about your Working Club Officers: https://ca.search.yahoo.com/search?p=boney+fingers+%28song%29+&type=2button&fr=ush-mailn ((Click on the center selection, top row))

Stan McCormack.  2014 11 06


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