33rd Annual National Western Team Tournament! Day 4 Report.


(Click on any pic to expand; especially the above group pic!!) Pic by Jay Davidson.

Day Four Results 2014 National Western Team Tournament.  It was another beautiful day in Mesa.  The temperature reached 81 degrees and the wind was mild.  

In the black division, B.C. One appears to be running away from the rest of the teams.  They have a 12 game lead on the 2nd place Arizona Snowbirds, Captained by Karen Fodchuk. The Snowbirds overtook the Arizona Scorpions who were in 2nd place and now are in third.

In the red division the three leading teams remain the same.  The Alberta Grizzlies having another good day have moved 8 1/2 games ahead of the 2nd place Colorado Rockies, who dropped the Washington Huskies to third place. 

There are still 7 games for each team to play before the tournament concludes and we will see if some of the other teams make a run at the top three in each division. 

The large picture (at top) was taken at the Team Orientation Meeting on Sunday. IMG_0893[1] This photo was taken for us by Jay Davidson, IMG_0915[1]President of the California Shuffleboard Association, and it shows the magnitude of shufflers that participate in this tournament.  One of the action shots features Stan Prime of Canada. 

Dale Monday, Tournament Director. 

Stan McCormack.  2014 11 07 08:25 local.

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