BREAKING NEWS!!! Joan Cook; First Ever Female to Earn the Green Blazer; 1,000 FSA Pro Points!! FL Shufflers Celebrate!!

Joan 1000 via Katy (2)

Can you tell this woman is Elated??

She did it this afternoon at Deland!!! 

She achieved the plateau of 1,000 points!

Perhaps the best way to begin this CELEBRATION is to quote another very fine shuffler, upon hearing of Joan’s outstanding achievement.  Her name, Glenna Earle, two time World Singles Champion.  Here is her OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAreaction:  Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!  Dear Joan,

I am absolutely thrilled to offer my sincere congratulations to you on achieving the 1000 points required to qualify for the coveted GREEN JACKET.

It makes me very proud to see the 2nd person, EVER, who has earned the honour to wear the GREEN JACKET, is Canadian!!! YEA!!!!! Great job!

You are a great inspiration to us who are learning to play the game of shuffleboard. Thanks for being a good role model and for sharing tips and pointers with us along the way.

Enjoy this huge achievement, Joan.

Dick would be so proud!!!!!

Glenna Earle. 

And now to just some of  the accolades going to Joan over the years.  We begin:

The only other person wearing Green is Glen Peltier.  Glen sent along these remarks:  

GlenMy run up to 1000 points was very thrilling as it took many years of playing top shuffleboard; getting good partners and doing much traveling. There never was a mention of a green jacket so no fanfare prior to the “happening”; no anticipation; no anxiety!! At the masters several years ago at Oakside Park, Jim Allen presented me with the green jacket. It was a totally unexpected surprise to me!!

I have kept playing and traveling with no intention of stopping. My game has slipped some but I still enjoy playing and teaching the game to new people. I have had great partners and could never have won as many tournaments without them. I’m 78 years old and many people have played into their 80,s. I take it one week at a time.

I know Joan has worked hard at this game. She has paid her dues. She certainly deserves the green jacket. She has traveled many years on her own, often fighting health problems. I believe the game has kept Joan going. I believe shuffleboard has kept many people going.  1000 points does not come easy. I truly never felt it never made me be the best player. There was always someone playing better at the time.

My hat is off to Joan for making it. Glen Peltier.

We Now Give You the Supporting Remarks for Joan’s Induction into the FSA HOF

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoan made pro in 1992. She has placed 1st 33 times and has played in four internationals winning three championships. She is a seven times National Champion and a four times State Champion. She won the Ohio State singles in Ohio in 1996 and the Ohio State Doubles in 1997.

Joan has played in the Florida State Mas­ters seven times winning in 1998 and she was co-winner in 2003. She has won the District Masters four years in a row and was twice F.S.A. Roll of Champion winner. Her best season was 2001-2002 earning her 76 points. She accumulated over 200 points in the past three years and would like to thank all of her great partners for without them she could not have achieved her 465 points. She was secretary in her district and was on the auditing committee for the past two years. She would like to thank the F.S.A. for all the work that goes into this organization.” *The White Jacket denotes 200 Points.


Earl Ball Said This in 2004: According to Glen Peltier, who’s been around for a long time, Joan Wheeler and Joan Cook are the best ever!!

Joan and Joan (2)They play many tournaments together, but not all. They won nine first places together this year, enough to make everyone a bit envious, some a bit jealous and even a few down right mad. There’s no denying their success, as Wheeler picked up 71 points this year for a career total of 730, a fierce competitor on the court, who gets her athletic ability from her days as an outstanding skater in her youth.

Joan Cook set a modern day record of 79 points this year, breaking Wheelers record of 77, giving her a career total of 544 points. Also a fierce competitor, she gets her ability from being an outstanding bowler in her younger days. Known as the best board clearer in the game, she has rounded out her game by adding a devastating board and kitchen game to her repertoire in the last year and continues to improve. Joan is a dedicated Shuffleboard player as evidenced by stick-to-activity. She’s plays nearly every day of the year.   Husband, Dick is her biggest supporter, once having designed a costume for her to appear on the TV show “Let’s make a Deal” where she was not only picked to play but went for the “big door” and won a set of wheels, two motorcycles. Dick freely gives up his love of golf; he is an outstanding golfer with four holes in one in his career and his wood working shop where he creates and paints all of the caricatures we’ve seen around the circuit to spoil Joan rottener by being with her at each tournament. Story by Earl Ball, Senior Staff Writer for THE SHUFFLER. 2004 03 31.

JOAN COOK HOF INDUCTION REMARKS for the Central District HOF (2007)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADSC03148It’s truly an honor to be selected to talk about one of our games all-time great players and contributors to the game, Joan Cook. She’s already a State “Hall of Famer” with over 700 points, well on her way to 1000; a Seven Times National Champion and a Three Times International World Champion. She’s only the 2nd woman ever to be elected to the Florida Shuffleboard Association Executive Board, a strong organizer, not afraid to “dig in and go to work”; she has played a major part in making many Shuffleboard events become realities.

In the Central District she is a Five Times “Masters” Champion or Co Champion and has accumulated more than the required 100 points to qualify for the “Hall of Fame”. It’s a personal pleasure and honor to present my friend, teacher and supporter, Joan Cook, for induction into the Central District “Hall of Fame”.   Earl Ball; 2007 03 17.


EARL BALL SAID THIS IN 2007!! The Central District Tournament at Lakeland on Thursday, Feb 01st of 2007 had two divisions; Men’s and Women’s Draw Doubles. As it turned out both divisions had an odd number meaning that two players from the host club were going to have to sit out.

That’s when Joan Cook volunteered to play in the Men’s division; I guess you should expect that from Joan, she’s always doing something to help out. She drew Clarence Wright, FSA President, who incidentally is only 12 points from the Central District “Hall of Fame”; well he’s closer now!!

On Saturday morning they will play for 3rd. Clarence would tell you her play has been outstanding and Larry Spires would tell you she scares him to death >> not surprising; she’s that good and she’s a good sport too!!

Earl Ball of THE SHUFFLER, 2007 02 02.


In 2007, The Shuffler, Stan McCormack Said This about Joan:

It has been the tradition of THE SHUFFLER to do a brief article about shufflers at the time they qualify for entrance into the Central District Hall of Fame. At the Season Opener (of Central District) in Lakeland, Joan Cook qualified for this distinction ~~ only the 2nd female player to do so. Her induction will take place during the Central District Hall of Fame Celebrations later in the season and THE SHUFFLER will have a word for word report on the remarks in support of her induction.   Joan of course is not exactly new to Halls of Fame. She is a member of the FSA HOF and has accumulated 681* (2007) points which places her 4th in the all-time Women’s point total > not bad!! (200 points earns you admission to the FSA HOF, the other 481 points establishes your place in history) She has also represented her country with distinction ~~ Canada at several International Meets.

Joan’s talent is not limited to the Courts. She was the prime organizer of the very first CD Masters Tournament where we were treated to finger food, a pattern followed by some other Clubs. That event was co-chaired by Joan and Earl (Ball). And of course that same talent was evident in the organization of the FSA Winter Meeting hosted by Betmar. Shuffleboard needs more people with the talent and youthful energy of Joan!! Perhaps we can convince Joan to give us some ideas how we can make this happen.   Joan: Congratulations from THE SHUFFLER on the occasion of this significant milestone!!

Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER 2006 10 25.


3rd Joan Cook (2)Kenny Offenther said this on the occasion of the presentation of the “MVP” pin to Joan on 2012 10 08.




NOTE: We will have more information, more news about this ONCE IN A LIFTIME EXPERIENCE >> WATCH FOR IT TOMORROW >> NOV 12TH.

Congratulations form All Shufflers!!!  Stan McCormack 2014 11 11.  

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2 Responses to BREAKING NEWS!!! Joan Cook; First Ever Female to Earn the Green Blazer; 1,000 FSA Pro Points!! FL Shufflers Celebrate!!

  1. Jane Helen Biaggi says:

    Congratulations Joan.

    Pretty impressive, going down in the records books as the first female shuffler to achieve this milestone. What a leader and fine example for the rest of us to follow.
    Steve and Helen Biaggi


  2. Helen Payne says:

    Congratulations Joan from all of us here in Halifax. Sandra and Flos said to say Hello and Congratulate you also. You did good.
    Helen xo


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