Do You Have An Idea To Promote Shuffleboard???? We Would Like To Hear It!!!

FSA_Logo[1]Frank Niziolek, State Delegate for the West Coast District, has posted the announcement below in blue, on “Save Our Shuffleboard”.   I repeat the announcement now, AND ASK each reader to give some thought to such an activity OR SIMILAR ACTIVITY to promote Shuffleboard in your Club, your District!!  We solicit your idea; we may post it!!  We may even assist in supporting the idea financially!!  Send your idea to    Stan McCormack.  2014 11 16 (You will have to copy and paste the e-mail address)

Clearwater Shuffleboard Club
1020 Calumet St, Clearwater, Florida, 33755 727 446-3306 or 585 313-9417

Presents Free Sunday Family Fun Day

Families, Singles, Seniors, Beginners, First Time Players Welcome
Free Instruction
Equipment Supplied
Play for Fun, Health and a Good Time
Refreshments Available

Starting Sunday, November16
Anyone Can Play Ages 5 to 105
Players With Disabilities Welcome
Physically, Visually, Hearing Impaired, Etc.
Try it! You’ll like it!

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1 Response to Do You Have An Idea To Promote Shuffleboard???? We Would Like To Hear It!!!

  1. stanistheman says:

    Frank Niziolek sent this along: Let’s get the word out to our friends, parks, local churches, other local organizations. Anyone can play.
    Please forward this message and ask our e-mail contacts to forward. We would like to get organizations involved. Let’s all help!
    Posters are available at the Clearwater club. Let’s distribute them. Shopping centers, grocery stores,(most have bulletin boards) , parks, clubs, Etc. If you don’t help who will?


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