Look What I Found!!! These Tangs have been in “storage” for a good number of years!!



STORY:  My neighbor, Marion Simpson, approached me on Saturday morning (2014 11 15) and said: “Stan; I just returned from a sale; a sale where they have some “old” shuffleboard equipment.  I think you just may be interested!! 

IMG_4581I hopped in my car and booted it to the sale site,  and purchased the above 2 Tangs, as well as 24 “Institutional” Biscuits, 12 red and 12 black.   Gary  Pipher came up with an idea which we believe will enhance the CNSA display at the ISA Hall of Fame in Clearwater.  Next time you are in Clearwater, be sure and “see what you think”!!  Give us a month to get the idea transposed into reality!!  FOR SURE we will have the display “ready to go” by March 24th (2015) for the Tournament of Champions.  Be sure and make a visit to the ISA HOF, as well as the US National HOF.  You will be glad you did!!!!!  

You may wish to enter the words “32nd ISA”  into the search rectangle and hit search.  ENJOY.   You do know of course, that the 2015 ISA Tournament will be held in Clearwater in October of 2015. 

Stan McCormack.  2014 11 17


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