Davis Memorial Annual Tournament! Sponsored by Dick Davis!!

IMG_4654 Davis Memorial 2014  (16)

The Davis Memorial takes place at Avon Park and is open to all!!  It takes place on Black Friday each year.  That is Ralph Day on the extreme left.  Next we have the Amateur Winners beginning with Moe Vermeulen who won each of his 6 games; Keith Morton, Vicki Clow, Dick Davis, sponsor; Vern Phenix and Gabby Gabbard.   

IMG_4654 Davis Memorial 2014  (17)

And now to the “Pro” Winners.  From left to right: Martine Vermeire, 1st; Sonny Patterson, 2nd;  Ross Pipher, 3rd; missing from the pic, Stan McCormack, 4th; Dick Davis, Sponsor; Bob Hoskins, 6th place; and Joan Mondry 5th.

Ralph (Day) and Lorraine (Pollock) once again gave of their time.  The IMG_4654 Davis Memorial 2014  (13)courts were full; the Club House was full and each and everyone was more than pleased with the DAY >> especially the Great Lunch!!!  Those who placed were surprised and pleased with the magnitude of the prize money!!  Click on pic to expand.

A BIG THANKS to Dick Davis who hosts this event in memory of his Father and Mother who were both long time members of the Avon Park Club.  To read just a bit about Dick, enter Dick Davis into the search rectangle and hit search.

GO HERE FOR SLIDE SHOW: http://photopeach.com/album/wirujv

Stan McCormack.  2014 11 30. (Info sent along by Lorraine Pollock with thanks.)


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