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Do You Have An Idea To Promote Shuffleboard???? We Would Like To Hear It!!!

Frank Niziolek, State Delegate for the West Coast District, has posted the announcement below in blue, on “Save Our Shuffleboard”.   I repeat the announcement now, AND ASK each reader to give some thought to such an activity OR SIMILAR ACTIVITY to promote … Continue reading

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Time Line for the Very First “theshuffler”!

Many of our current readers, but not all, will remember It was a website operated by Alf Primeau.  Stan McCormack was the lead writer > but we had many talented individuals who regularly contributed.  Below is a kind of … Continue reading

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Historical Item re Leesburg; sent along by Bob Weber.

‘Game of the Century’ was popular in early Leesburg 1 image The eighth panel of the Leesburg Bicentennial Mural includes people playing shuffleboard. We don’t need to shuffle off to Buffalo as we move to another scene in the eighth … Continue reading

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Jackie and Darden Nelms >> Where Are They Now??

Writer of note, Earl Ball once described Jackie and Darden Nelms as “One of America’s Great Love Stories,” likening them to President Regan and Nancy!! Earl recalls the incident when Darden presented Jackie a bouquet of flowers at the opening … Continue reading

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There Will Be A Celebration to Honour Joan and to Commemorate this Significant Achievment !!

Joan had many competent partners during her Pro Shuffleboard Career.  She thanks each and everyone, male and female.  I would like to post a pic of each but that is not possible.  Accordingly I will limit the posting to Arlene Guerrini, … Continue reading

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.. Joan Cook has made the goal she has worked so hard for; she has scored her 1000th point. In the end the pressure was incredible. The season started and she won a 1st and a 3rd in the first … Continue reading

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The FSA President, Phil Rebholz, Congratulates Joan Cook on her Significant Achievment of Earning 1,000 Pro Points!!

CONGRATULATIONS, JOAN!!  Another exciting shuffleboard event was observed this week as Joan Cook acquired 1000 points. Playing in Deland, Joan made the last needed points to reach her goal. Joan will be presented the green jacket at  the Roll of … Continue reading

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Why It Is Essential That We Remember!!

A very personal and tragic story to demonstrate the perils of war.   Glen Peltier writes:  It is a sad time for many. In my case, my father left home before I was born, leaving my mother to raise five children.  Child support … Continue reading

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I thought this was indicative of the wider respect and remembrance of those who serve in our Military.

This evening, 2014 11 11, we at Woodbrook Park in Lakeland, FL had a Service to Remember and Respect those who had served OR are at present, serving in the Armed Forces  of our two Nations. As we entered the Community … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS!!! Joan Cook; First Ever Female to Earn the Green Blazer; 1,000 FSA Pro Points!! FL Shufflers Celebrate!!

Can you tell this woman is Elated?? She did it this afternoon at Deland!!!  She achieved the plateau of 1,000 points! Perhaps the best way to begin this CELEBRATION is to quote another very fine shuffler, upon hearing of Joan’s outstanding … Continue reading

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