City of Marysville Will Use Its $1500.00 Donation to Install Shuffleboard Courts!!



March of Dimes, Veteran’s Memorial Park to benefit from Gannett grants

The Gannett Foundation has awarded three grants to two charities and Marysville.  Gannett owns the Times Herald.

The city will get $1,500 for Veterans’ Memorial Park; the March of Dimes will get $1,000 for its Reading Champions’ Program; and We Heart This City will get $1,500 for its Project 200 Food Giveaway.

Marysville city manager Randy Fernandez said the city will install shuffleboard courts in Veterans’ Memorial Park.

He said a study showed senior citizens frequently use the park on the St. Clair River.

“We’re very thankful to the Gannett Foundation for allocating $1,500 toward our shuffleboard courts,” Fernandez said. “By adding these courts, it would bring the other senior population down to the waterfront.”

Fernandez said the city hopes to get the project started in May.

Cathy Martinek, division director for the March of Dimes, said the Reading Champions Program will benefit from the money.

“We’ll use it for our reading program, which is used for elementary age kids,” Eisen said. “It’s very useful toward our success and our mission. It helps introduce children to volunteerism, and it helps them improve their reading skills.”

At We Heart This City, board member Rita Lane said the money would help provide holiday dinners for 75 families.

“Our goal is to eventually feed 200,” Lane said. “What we usually do is buy everything they need including the pan, turkey, vegetables, gravy and something for dessert.”

Lane said We Heart This City has done everything from cleaning up streets to washing windows at shops.

“I think we can make this community better than we ever dreamed,” Lane said. “You can’t always judge who needs what based on a car that is in the driveway or the type of house they live in.”

Article Sent Along by Bob Weber with thanks.  Stan McCormack. 2014 12 17.

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