We Give You Article #2 by John Brown. “Opinion”

The author of the article below is John Brown.  John writes a weekly article for his local newspaper and I have invited him to send them along to me for posting on the BLOG.    Stan      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


     To be, or not to be (said Shakespeare) that is the question. Last week’s column produced several comments from readers. There has been resistance to change for the twenty-one years of my retirement, much of it from FSA leadership. I have often heard, “The game is perfect now. Don’t change anything”. I have questioned this stance with “If it is perfect, why are players complaining? Why has attendance failed to grow? Why are more people playing in leagues than in tournaments? Why doesn’t the rest of the world play 75 point games?”

     In fact, some changes have taken place. We now have the option at the District level of limited frame games. Florida Non-Walking Singles are now 12 frames or 75 points whichever occurs first.

   Another change not realized by many of today’s players is the lack of volunteer scorekeepers and referees on every court at every Tournament as was the case long ago. The rules used to be strictly enforced by these volunteer referees, and many rules yet assume there is a referee to make some decisions. It is ironic, but a sign of the times. Our society now is so busy that we are lucky if host clubs can find somebody to sweep the courts, let alone wash them properly in advance of a tournament.

     In response to last week’s column, one reader suggested that if he kitchened someone, he should be the one to decide on the spot whether he got 10 points, or his opponent got 10 off. In a further discussion of this point, another player asked, “What if you put yourself in?” I suppose that could be settled easily by the rule being the same for all kitchens, but even the question appears less simple than first conceived.

     Several readers responded positively to the idea of no lagging, 8 frames on each color in the third game as fairer and faster than yet another long 75 point game.

     If players feel strongly about issues, consider running for office, serving on club, district even state, national or international boards. These are opportunities to help decide.

     This column is open to your opinions as well as my own. I have long maintained that readers can contribute to these discussions. See me at a tournament, or call 756-8548.

Happy Shuffling,

Posted 2014 12 28 12:18.  Thank You John.   Stan

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