We Give You Article #3 by John Brown!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe author of the article below is John Brown.  John writes a weekly article for his local newspaper and I have invited him to send them along to me for posting on the BLOG.    Stan 


     This column has often pointed out to aspiring tournament players that FL-A tournaments within driving distance are opportune points. One reason is that Amateur state players do not travel as far most weeks as do seasoned Pros trying to make the Masters or Hall of Fame. So the Amateur Division on Monday is mostly populated by locals – the same people you play on Fridays. So do not fear the Monday FL-A Division. (This columnist won so many points in FL-A and FL-P tournaments that he never got to play in the District Amateur Masters.) This columnist has no regrets.

     Note that 14 of 16 players placing at FLA-8 were from the home district.


.     Some Pros have advocated one draw next season restricted to Pros. This column views this as unnecessary discrimination.

.     This columnist experienced an unusual coincidence last week, getting beaten out in the second round of the main event in the State and District Tournaments by the eventual first place finishers.


Next Monday, December 29, FL P-13 at Bradenton, M/L Open Doubles. Also Monday, December 29, FL A-10 at Bradenton, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles.

     No District Tournament Thursday, New Year’s Day.

Happy Shuffling.   John Brown.  To read more about John, enter John Brown into the search rectangle and hit search.  Stan

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