Harvey Golden Age Club members find success at State Senior Olympics


Photo provided by Harvey Golden Age Club – Participants in the 2014 State Senior Olympics from the Harvey Golden Age Club are seen with Garry Vedros, special programs supervisor for Jefferson Parish parks and recreation. In the front row, from left are Joye Duhe, Marie Trosclair, Dolores Jeandron, Joseph ‘Ted’ Guillot and Geraldine Palisi. In the back row are Vedros, Shirley DeSalvo, June Olano, Jane Marchese, Elda Olsen and Mac Palisi.

Several members of the Harvey Golden Age Club returned from the 2014 State Senior Olympics with medals in their age categories.

The medal winners are: Shirley DeSalvo, silver in shuffleboard singles; Joye Duhe, bronze in shuffleboard singles; Dolores Jeandron, gold in washer pitch, distance throws, football accuracy and shuffleboard singles, and bronze in softball throws, basketball throws and shuffleboard doubles; Jane Marchese, bronze in washer pitch; June Olano, gold in bowling doubles, shuffleboard doubles and miniature golf, and silver in bowling singles and washer pitch; Elda Olsen, gold in bowling doubles and shuffleboard doubles, and silver in miniature golf; Geraldine Palisi, gold in basketball free throws, baseball distance, horseshoes, shuffleboard singles, discus and shotput, and bronze in football accuracy and baseball accuracy; Mac Palisi, gold in washer pitch, baseball and football throws, silver in Frisbee throws, and bronze in baseball throws; and Marie Trosclair, bronze in shuffleboard singles. 

Article sent along by Bob Weber with thanks!!  The newspaper in which this article was published, is I believe, in the New Orleans area.  Stan 2014 12 30.

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