IN MEMORY OF CLARENCE and SHIRLEY WRIGHT!! 10 Years Have Passed Since I Wrote This.

Clarence & Shirley (President) Wright (2)

The office of President of the FSA (Florida Shuffleboard Association) is demanding, challenging and exciting! A position for a “young man” on his way up!! And if you talk to our new President, Clarence Wright, you would say, yes, Clarence fits that description. Just a bit of his background so that you can relate to your new “man at the top”; perhaps you will find common ground that you can share with him when you see him on the Courts. Clarence’s involvement with shuffling began in 1987 when he began shuffling in Frostproof. He then moved to the Club at Avon Park where he has been a member for the past 15 years while at the same time maintaining a membership in the Sebring Club. Clarence served as President of the Central District Board for 3 years ending with the 1999/2000 season. He provided strong leadership, working closely with the State Executive to promote the Sport. He was the state delegate for Central District for a number of years and served as 1st Vice President, FSA, for the past year. The outstanding and innovative leadership demonstrated by Clarence during this period earned him a nomination to the Central District Hall of Fame!! He continues to love the sport and it is evident that it has been an adventure for him over these many years. As he assumes the office, March 08th, 2004, Clarence’s charm, personality and savoir-faire will be put to test. We know that he will have the capable support of the entire Board, and we the Membership, are looking forward to the continued efficient operation, of what is without any doubt, the finest Shuffleboard Organization in the World!! THE SHUFFLER wishes you Clarence, and your entire Board, the very best as you begin your “tour of duty”!! This article appeared on the pages of THE SHUFFLER (10 YEARS AGO) during February and March of 2004. (2004-10-23)

Stan McCormack.  2014 12 30

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