The WordPress Annual Report for 2014; Comments; How Many and By Whom??

First let me say that I very much appreciate Comments, and would like to see more!!  The truth is that many of us are reluctant to “place our thoughts/opinion” out there for others to read.   Perhaps we will have more in 2015. 

To be taken to the article which received the most comments in 2014 go here:    To see comments, scroll down, below the article.

And now let’s see who left the most comments during 2014.  We begin with #5 Gus Bondi > 19 Comments; #4 with 19 Comments > Sandi Quinn; #3 with 24 Comments > Glenna Earle; #2 Myrna Bilton with 36 Comments and #1, Michael Zellner with 46 Comments.  I want to thank everyone who left a comment with special appreciation to the above followers!! 

NOTE:  “Comments” from Facebook do not appear to be counted.   Many people, in fact MOST people, when they comment choose to do so on facebook.  “What goes on in facebook stays in facebook!!”  As but one example, the posting about Sue Krynak achieving 100 points received BUT ONE COMMENT on the BLOG. However; on facebook, the same article received 16 Comments!!    201 people receive the BLOG via facebook. 

Stanistheman 2014 12 30.




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    Do you need my new address to send my nonetary award? Smile Happy New Year all.



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