Diana Allen, Player Award, FSA HOF, Inducted by Helen Biaggi.


 Induction remarks by Helen Biaggi.

When you hear the name Dianna Allen many thoughts come to mind:   (Click on pix to expand.)

Some people say “What a LOVELY lady she is 

 “.    “.    “.             “What a TALENTED player she is! 

Others say    

                               “What a GRACIOUS partner she is  

And most of the men will say ” What a GOOD LOOKING  woman she is:  When I hear the name Dianna Allen, I think of all those things, plus I say 

                              “What a GREAT FRIEND she is.

Dianna was born and raised in Ohio,one of five children.

She was a GIRL SCOUT where she learned many leadership skills, gained confidence and developed a true respect for herself and others.

She married her husband Sam  44 years ago in Lutheran Church in Springfield Ohio.

They have 2 sons  2 lovely daughter in laws who have given them 5 Loveable grandchildren. Dianna  taught Sunday School and was a Cub Scout Leader for several years 

She worked for 8 years on the assembly line at Packard Electric making wiring harnesses for automobiles.  She also worked for 22 years in a local drug store.

They came to FLORIDA in 1997 and bought a home in RIVERWOODS Estero and that is where they found shuffleboard. 

The FIRST TOURNAMENT she ever placed in was at Riverwoods. She was a little disappointed that she won money instead of a trophy.Most parks gave out Trophies back then. Carl EBY whom I am sure many of you know told her ” to go buy one ” she told him that would not be the same as winning one. The next morning someone had placed a very nice trophy at her front door. Although no one would ever admit to it she believes it was Carl that had done that as he had more shuffleboard trophies than he had room in his HOME. 

Diana started the SATURDAY SHUFFLEBOARD League in RIVERWOODS .She still is the Captain of the team to this day.

She enjoyed another activity in her spare time, she taught porcelain doll making at RIVERWOODS for 5 years. She made a total of 15 dolls and at that time only had  2 Grandsons, later 3 granddaughters came along and so she made each of her grand daughters  a porcelain doll.

Dianna MADE  PRO in 2006. 

The first time Judy Ross and Dianna  went to FORT PIERCE they needed a lunch and so decided to drive over to the corner store where they parked in the lot .They walked over to the sign that read  ” Order Here “the man who waited on them said ” Nice  Car “. They didn’t know what he meant by that and continued deciding on what they were going to eat when Soon another car pulled up behind them and that was when they realized they had walked up to the drive through window. The man said “they could wait inside for their order “

Her Grandchildren said this:

To Grandma from Cody ” Sweet, you made your goal “

To Grandma from Caden ” Awesome “

To Grandma from Olivia ” I’m happy for you

To Grandma from Brooke ” I will give you a sticker”

To Grandma from Corissa ” Happy for you .

Dianna has SERVED on the District Board as Secretary for 9 years. She has served on the National Board as Florida State  Delegate for 2 years and remains in both of positions today. Her decisions as a board member are always in accord with the interest of shuffleboard players.

Has  played in 13 District Masters  And played in 5 State Masters 

She won her once in a lifetime National Pin in 2010. 

It is my PLEASURE. HONOR and PRIVILEGE  to present my friend Dianna Allen into the Florida Shuffleboard Hall Of Fame.

Presenter Helen Biaggi.  2015 01 19.  To view the pix taken by Yours Truly during the Banquet, click:  http://photopeach.com/album/14xv0u7 


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