2015 FSA HOF Banquet. We Give You Jerry Everett! Presented by Mack Frazier.


I’m here to introduce Jerry Everett.

Inductor Mack Frazier speaks: He was raised in northern Maine, the son of a potato and chicken farmer. When in high school the family moved to Portland, Maine where his dad owned and operated a car wash.

After high school Jerry joined the service and served a term in Vietnam. After returning home he went to Augusta, Maine where he and his wife, Marilyn, owned and operated a car wash which he sold in 1978 and retired to Florida – which did not last long. He returned up east where he and Marilyn worked as ski instructors for several years. In later years Jerry was an alpine ski instructor and examiner.

Again, around 1998, they retired to Florida and that’s where we met and became friends.

About this time several of us would meet nearly every night and play at our courts with Hall of Famer Betty Lovens and her sister Mary Ryder, honing our skills.

About 1999 we started playing in District Amateur tournaments. Jerry played in the District Amateur Masters in 2001, which he won.

Jerry is also a very good shuffleboard teacher to which I can attest.

Court 27 at Trailer Estates.

During our friendship we have traveled several years together in our RVs which included trips to Canada.

Jerry has played in 6 District Masters and 3 FL State Masters, which he won last year.

He is always a teacher of shuffleboard and an ambassador for the sport.

I would like to present to you, my good friend, Mr. Jerry Everett.

Remarks by Jerry’s Presentor/Inductor.

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