Player Award to Joyce Marquis; 2015 FSA Hall of Fame. Induction by Mike Marquis.


Joyce and her husband, Mike, from New Hampshire have been married for 41 years. They have 2 sons and 2 grandchildren. They became snowbirds in 2003 and promptly began shuffling in their community. By 2005, Carlene & George Bowen introduced them to tournament play. By the middle of the first game they knew they were hooked. Joyce was the Southwest District Treasurer for 6 years and State Delegate for 3 years. She is now the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club Treasurer. Besides shuffling, Joyce’s favorite pastimes are kayaking and photographing animals. Joyce would like to thank all her partners for helping her reach this goal. It has been a fun time in her life. Thank you to all the people who donate so much to the game.

Joyce was inducted into the FSA HOF on 2015 01 19 by her husband Mike Marquis.  Pic above of both. No supporting remarks were made available.  Click for Slide Show:    Stan McCormack.  2015 01 21

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