We Give You Article #6 by John Brown;

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The author of the article below is John Brown.  John writes a weekly article for his local newspaper and I have invited him to send them along to me for posting on the BLOG.  Stan McCormack.    

Monday, January 19 at Fort Lauderdale, Florida Joyce Marquis and Jerry Everett from our Southwest Coast District became members of the coveted Hall of Fame. Their pictures will hang in perpetuity at the Museum in downtown Sebring, Florida.

     Joyce Marquis, former First Lady of our District, has been married to Past District President Mike Marquis for 41 years. They are parents of two sons and are grandparents of two more children. Joyce has served as District Treasurer the past 6 years, well suited for the job as her professional career was in banking, back home in New Hampshire. Joyce is very athletic and now kayaks regularly in summer at their lake cottage. She is now a tournament director interne and is fast progressing already. Joyce expresses appreciation for her several partners who helped her earn the requisite 200 Florida points.

     Jerry Everett of Northern Maine and Paradise Bay and his wife Marilyn have two children and three grandchildren, one a granddaughter who will be married this Spring. Jerry is a veteran shuffle coach, teacher, and tireless worker at all tournaments. As a nationally certified Alpine Ski Instructor in Maine, some of his students have become Olympic athletes. To see the speed Jerry uses to sweep a court, you would think he was on a downhill slope! Jerry won the 2001 District Amateur Masters, played 6 consecutive District Open Masters, and 3 FSA Masters, winning 1st place in 2014. Jerry and Marilyn have long been a positive influence in our District and our State.

     Also inducted in the same ceremony were Dianna Allen of the Southern District and David Earle of the Central District as players. Phil Rebholz, President of FSA for 3 years, was also installed as was Glenn Monroe, State Tournament Director as a Special Award as a promoter of shuffleboard.

     Hansel Brown, uncle of this columnist, was a founder of the FSA Hall of Fame, and would have been pleased to see all this good news of our sport. Uncle Hansel was a Past President of the Trailer Estates Shuffle Club where we are today playing the second day of the Annual National Doubles.


     Today, Tuesday, January 27th is the second day of FL P-17 at Trailer Estates, National Doubles, M/L Division, 75 points. Also Tuesday is the second day of FL A-15 Any Amateurs/Any Doubles at Riverwoods Trailer Park.

     Thursday, January 29 at Palmetto, SWCD D-14, Restricted Draw Doubles, M/L, 16 frames or 75 points.

     Friday, January 30 at Palmetto, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles, Draw, 16 frames/75 points.

     Next Monday, February 2 FL P-18A at Betmar, P-18B at Hollywood, M/L Doubles, 75 points.

     Also February 2, FL A-16A at Paradise Bay, A-16B at Hawthorne, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles. Note: Paradise Bay is on Cortez West; Hawthorne is 3 miles South of Leesburg.


.     Registration for Gulf Coast Senior Games is due February 2. On-line and paper procedures are possible. (931)316-1344 is a contact for help to register on-line. Shuffleboard will be at Bradenton Shuffle Club Wednesday, February 18 but on-site registration is prohibited. Another source of info is (941) 742-5923.

.     Amateurs with NO FL points who want to go to Lees burg on Saturday, February 26 may call 756-8548 to co-ordinate a car pool. It is a free tournament to promote shuffleboard, even free food and a chance to meet players from The Villages. It is an unsanctioned tournament, therefore no FL points will be given,.

Happy Shuffling; John Brown.  2015 01 27: 

Click to read about Joyce Marquis https://theshuffler.net/2015/01/21/player-award-to-joyce-marquis-2015-fsa-hall-of-fame-induction-by-mike-marquis/  Click to read about Jerry Everett https://theshuffler.net/2015/01/21/2015-fsa-hof-banquet-we-give-you-jerry-everett-presented-by-mack-frazier/  Click to read about Dianna Allen: https://theshuffler.net/2015/01/20/diana-allen-player-award-fsa-hof-inducted-by-helen-biaggi/  

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1 Response to We Give You Article #6 by John Brown;

  1. Joyce and Bob Smith says:

    Great article John. Thank you for all the time you devote to shuffleboard. We all appreciate you and Stan for keeping us informed.


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