100th Anniversary Committee Provides Financial Support to Others As THEY PROMOTE SHUFFLEBOARD!!

Remember the 100th Anniversary Committee??

EM 100th_LogoYou are excused IF YOU DO NOT! After all the actual anniversary year was 2013. May I suggest to you that if you would like to review some of the historical information regarding the history of Shuffleboard in Florida, you pick up the 2012-2013 PREVIEW and turn to page one. I draw your attention to the very last line of the referenced page. It reads: “The Committee established by the FSA to celebrate the 100th Anniversary hopes that our contribution has made a difference, and that readers will want to retain this 2012-2013 issue of the Preview as their personal historical document.”

The Anniversary Committee engaged capable and willing shufflers in each District to sell PRODUCT. The purpose was to draw attention; read promote shuffleboard. Sales by these key people generated us just over $5,000.00 in profit.

The Committee solicited ideas from across the State, ideas to promote Shuffleboard. We indicated that we would provide financial support to organizations who submitted ideas consistent with our objective. We have done just that and we, the Committee, believe that the Individuals/Clubs who received our financial support, have put in place an action plan which will enhance the interest, and ultimately participation in Shuffleboard.

On Wednesday, February 4th, 08:30 the first such event will take place at the Winter Haven Courts, 250 South Lake Silver Drive NW, Winter Haven. Contact person: Art Shorts shufflebugz@gmail.com

On Saturday, February 7th, 08:30 at the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club, 5207 8th St. Zephyrhills, FL the second such event will take place. Contact person is: Chuck Moulton chuck4440@gmail.com  

On Saturday, February 21st, at 08:30 at the Leesburg Shuffleboard Club, 321 Palmetto St. Leesburg, FL the third such event will take place. Contact person is: Allen Dronsfield leestavs@gmail.com

On Saturday, March 28th, at 09:00 the West Coast District will hold their first District Amateur Invitational one day tournament. Contact person is: Steve Raimondi  sraimondi1@tampabay.rr.com

Southern District is holding 4 events, one on each Saturday in the month of February. Poster explaining the format and other essential details have been circulated in the Southern District. Contact person is Bob Smith: shufflebob58@gmail.com

The Committee is also supporting the Pompano Membership Marketing Plan which is ongoing. Contact person is Keith Sutton: flkeith@aol.com

The Anniversary Committee Salutes each of the contact persons identified above. Promotion does NOT JUST HAPPEN!! An Organization has been put in place by each of the above contacts. May I suggest that YOU drop in on an event and give some thought as to HOW YOU AND YOUR CLUB/DISTRICT/STATE, could do your part to PROMOTE SHUFFLEBOARD.

100th Anniversary Committee Members are: Dorothy Wagasky, Colleen Austin, Ken Offenther, Jim Allen and yours truly as Chair.

Stan McCormack, Chair 100th Anniversary Committee. 2015 02 01.

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1 Response to 100th Anniversary Committee Provides Financial Support to Others As THEY PROMOTE SHUFFLEBOARD!!

  1. shuffleboardbob@aol.com says:

    Hi Stan and Lois- Is there any way you could send me a Florida Preview OR just hold it for me til the ISA event- Thanks


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