Henry Van Dorp Leaves Us. May he rest in peace!!

05 09 21 Tourn Day, Sugar Loaf & Christ the Redeemer!! 006Henry Van Dorp passed away on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at Woodstock Hospital in his 86th year. Born in Hazerswoude, Holland, July 21, 1929. “Henk ” immigrated to Canada in June 1948. 

In remembrance of Henry I am now going to insert a bio I did of Henry on the occasion of our Shuffleboard Inaugural to Holland and Germany in 2008.

Henry Van Dorp: Henry is now and has been for some considerable time, the President of the OSA, (Ontario Shuffleboard Association). He continues to be a most successful shuffler whether at home or while OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAparticipating in International Tournaments representing Canada. The pix below are of Henry while in his native Holland on the Holland German Inaugural AND  Henry in front of theCans Henry Van Dorp & Emmett Allen score board in Mesa for the 23rd,   ISA  We do not have enough room to list all the tournaments in which Henry has participated. I can tell you that he will be in Australia for the 27th ISA.  Click on pix to expand. 

Henry has the responsibility of transporting the Roll Out Courts to the various shuffleboard locations in Ontario that do not shuffle on concrete. Henry performs this task willingly and always seems to have time for a story. We look forward to Henry’s participation on this Inaugural. We somehow doubt that this will be his first trip to Holland, nor his last.  BLOGGER STAN 2008-03-26  

To give you an indication of the import of Henry in his community, his former MPP (Member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament) Dr. Harry Parrott, also a shuffler, called me this evening to tell me of Henry’s passing.

Stan McCormack.  2015 02 02.




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3 Responses to Henry Van Dorp Leaves Us. May he rest in peace!!

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Henry’s family

    Rendall & Myrna



    Herny and his wife were also in Beazil for the Innaugural. He was a special friend and will be missed. Michael



    Sent by I-Phone



  3. Jim and Beth Allen says:

    Our thoughts are with Henry’s family indeed. Henry traveled all over the world working to promote the sport of shuffleboard. He will be missed.


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