More About Henry Van Dorp. May he rest in Peace!




I have received a number of comments with regard to the passing of Henry Van Dorp, including two additional photos. Accordingly I am posting an additional article from my archives.  Article first appeared in 2005. 

The message below is from Barb and Jim Norton (Nations Capital). They were gracious enough to leave the message in the GUEST BOOK  to express their appreciation for the great contribution to shuffling made by the VanDorp Family!! 

 NORTONSThe Nortons speak: “Just returned from the OSA Tournament in Woodstock, Ontario, and wish to send our thanks and congratulations to Henry and Lenny VanDorp. The work they put into these tournaments is amazing!! Not only do they sponsor the tournament, but they also make sure that all goes smoothly and that everyone is looked after with accommodations. To Lorraine Pollock and husband Bill, a big thank you. Lorraine for a job well done as tournament director, and to husband Bill for the strong back in helping Henry. Henry have a great Birthday Party with the family on Saturday. Best Wishes on your 76th.”  Barb and Jim Norton 2005 07 24.  

Gary Pipher made this comment to-day, 2015 02 03: ” Henry was in his glory when he was giving out the awards to the winners or beading his beloved courts” Gary sent along these pix:






Henry beading; Henry presenting Awards; and Henry with wife Leny.  Online condolences may be left at  The funeral service will be held to-day, 2015 02 03. 

Stan McCormack.  2015 02 03.



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1 Response to More About Henry Van Dorp. May he rest in Peace!

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    On behalf of the OSA, I extend Sympathy and Caring Thoughts
    to Leny and family.

    Rendall Bilton
    OSA President


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