10 Yrs. Ago Plus One!! Chapter 2: Enroute to AZ for the ISA Event in Mesa!!

Lois and I travel from Lindsay, ON to Mesa, AZ in our 5th Wheel! 


11 Yrs. Ago!! Chapter 2:

Chapter 2:   The day preceding our departure~~Saturday, was of course filled with the activity one would expect when Mom and Dad AND Gramm and Gramps are leaving on an extended tour. In the morning, the family was in attendance as Ashley competed; quite successfully I may add, in a figure skating competition. We left the arena and made our way to the Olympia restaurant (Lindsay, ON) where the family enjoyed a fine lunch to toast the occasion of the “departure of the snow birds”!!

Our planned 09:00 departure suffered a minor and enjoyable delay as Gram had planned a last minute “early birthday” present to Alanna. We are on the road at 09:10~~heading west on highway 7&12 toward the town of Orillia~~summer residence of Stephen Leacock, the noted Canadian humorist. We leave Hwy 12, turn up Hwy 169 to 69 and follow Hwy 69 to the bypass at Sudbury, ON.  Traffic was lighter than normal. For the benefit of those unfamiliar with the country from ~~ Washago, ON, to about Parry Sound, ON, words to describe the scenery are all superlatives!! This area is known as the Muskokas and it is renowned for the rich and famous who have taken up summer residence here.

Sudbury was our chosen night stop~~Carol’s RV. It was adequate, although our primary interest was SCIENCE NORTH which is as it sounds a Canadian Museum located in Sudbury ON. Took in the IMAX movie at Science North. If you have a particular interest in Science North, search (on the web) for sciencenorth.ca. To conclude Day One, we enjoyed a fine dinner and watched the “telly”! I will now relate a short story about what we watched on TV that night!! The Ontario people will especially appreciate this. We watched the political debate among the leaders of the 3 main parties contesting the ON election. Following the debate I made a prediction as to who would win the election~~giving reasons of course!! I actually wrote the assessment in the diary we were keeping~~it reads and I quote:

“ My call on the debate: Howard (Hampton), gained the most and was the most aggressive, he had to be; Dalton (McGinty) gained the least, actually lost in my opinion; Ernie (Eves) demonstrated his ability as a leader and did so in good part by reason of his experience in govt.~~as finance minister and as Premier. If in the crunch, voters vote for the leader, Conservatives will win the election.”

For the readers not from ON, the actual result could not have been more different~~you see, I do have a humble bone in my body!!

That is it for day One~~Sep. 21st 2003. The plan for tomorrow is the Colourful Agawa Canyon!! Hope you come along!!

Stan 2003 09 21.

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