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Derm Flynn of Panama City Beach sizes up a shot during Wednesday’s Snowbird Shuffleboard Tournament at the Destin Community Center.

By JENNIE McKEON | Daily News

Published: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 05:48 PM.

Inez Manfroni of Cleveland, Ohio sits in front of a shuffleboard court, wearing her team shirt – the SunDestin Shufflers. Behind her, a couple waves pom poms.
Manfroni has been playing shuffleboard for eight years, but hasn’t had much practice since the weather has been so cold.
“I’m not too confident — let’s say comfortable,” she says of the upcoming match.
Luckily, the games at the ResortQuest Annual Snowbird Shuffleboard Tournament are just for plain fun — and bragging rights for the winning team.
Each year ResortQuest hosts the event between a few condos. This year snowbirds and staff from SunDestin – who won last year – Island Echoes and Tidewater Beach Resort in Panama City played inside the gym at Destin Community Center.  
Players are selected from play offs at their resorts. Only the best make it to games.
“There’s definitely a strategy,” said Scott Hamblin, manager at SunDestin after losing a game to resort guests. “It makes me appreciate how good they really are. They’re out there every day playing.”
In the sidelines, people were seated by 9 a.m. ready to cheer.
“It’s just nice to sit by new people — everyone is so friendly,” said Myrna Root of Norton Shores, Mich. “You’ve got people that are in their 80s and 70s all coming together.”
And even if you don’t win, it’s still fun, said Fry after losing a close game.
“Not for me,” joked his shuffleboard partner, Charlie Rogers.
However, their opponents were quick to praise them.
“They played an awesome game,” said Jerry Ervin of Traverse City, Mich. “We enjoy some competition.”

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