State Tournament P21B at Tropical Haven FL

Roberta & Ralph Day @FSA banquet 2005Beaulieu Pierre & ClaudetteRemember the posting by Henry Strong??  The posting in which he shared with us HOW WELL Ralph Day and Pierre Beaulieu had performed in the State Tournament 21B at Tropical Haven.  Click to re-read:  Well, it turns out that Ralph Day and Pierre finished in 3rd place in the Main!!

However; their wives, Roberta and Claudette, placed 1st in the Main Event!!!!!  For the very few who may not know the Days and the Beaulieus, the Days are on the left, the Beaulieus on the right. Their relationship goes back to the time when they both lived in Woodall’s Park in Lakeland > and that was some considerable time ago!!  To see the complete results, click:  

Stan McCormack.  2015 02 26.

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