Everyday they’re Shufflin’: 16th Annual ResortQuest Snowbird Shuffle Board Tournament


Jerry Ervin of Michigan and Stan Paradis of New Hampshire played for the SunDestin Shufflers

The Destin Community Center gym was abuzz like a high school pep rally Wednesday; only instead of young kids in letter jackets, salt and pepper-haired snowbirds held colored pom-poms and took to the hardwood.

“We come here every year but only play shuffle board when we are down here,” said Shirley Beazley of Ontario, who plays for the Snowbird Shufflers team. “We play every Wednesday at the resort and then we try out for the team to see who’s going to play in the competition.”

This year marked the 16th Annual Snowbird Shuffle Board competition hosted by ResortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals in Destin.

“The tournament is between the four properties of ResortQuest in the area,” said SunDestin General Manager Scott Hamelin. “We have SunDestin, Island Echoes (Fort Walton), Panama City is represented and then all of the managers make a team.”

Hamelin explained that there are outdoor shuffleboard decks at each of the four properties, and the game is an all-time favorite among their winter guests.

“They practice from the time they get here in January until the tournament; they are very serious about it,” he said. “What they do at the resorts is host playoffs.”

After each property forms a team of men, women and co-eds the tournament is held to name the champion resort of the season.

“We used to host it at one of the resorts but it’s gotten so big with spectators that we needed bleachers,” said Hamelin . “It’s really the only inter-property competition of the year.”

After a few warm-up rounds, the games got underway with SunDestin Managers and SunDestin Shufflers going head-to-head. Players used cues called ‘tangs’ to push the weighted disks or “biscuits.” across the floor to a triangular scoring zone. The scoring was then judged by the section of the triangle the disks land in; the tip was 10 points, the sides seven or eight points and if the disk slid to the bottom of the triangle a score of negative 10 was the consequence. A self-dubbed score caller, Paul Micallef of Michigan gave a play-by-play as the disks came sliding in.

“Black has a good seven but yellow is in the kitchen,” he called when the SunDestin snowbirds team bumped their opponent’s disk into the negative zone. Cheers went up from the bleachers and scores of teal and white pom-poms could be seen flying.

“And the SunDestin Shufflers have it,” Micallef called at the end of the match.

In the end the SunDestin Shufflers swept the tournament placing first in the men’s, women’s and co-ed categories.

Trophies were awarded to each team that participated and the first place teams received $100 gift certificates towards their 2016 winter reservation.

Article sent along by Bob Weber with THANKS.  2015 02 27.


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