10 Yrs. Ago Plus One!! Chapter 4: Enroute to AZ for the ISA Event in Mesa!!

Lois and I travel from Lindsay, ON to Mesa, AZ in our 5th Wheel! 


11 Yrs. Ago!! Chapter 4:

We have all noted that our spirits are often in sync with the amount of sun available to our eyes!!   The drive from White River, ON to Thunder Bay, ON was “in and out of showers” that particular type of shower activity we often experience during the early fall season. We were looking forward to a warm dinner and hot shower as we made our way into the ON Provincial Park at Kakabeka Falls. (above) While ON provincial parks offer ready access to nature’s best, they are not designed with modern-day 5th Wheel Trailers in mind. We struggled to find a suitable location, made ourselves comfortable, and after dinner planned tomorrow’s activity.

Planning is made easier with the computer. Points of interest can be identified, loaded into either the memory of your computer OR if you so choose, into a floppy disc. ((As I review this in 2009, only 6 years after writing, can anyone tell me what a “Floppy Disc” is??? Lol)) We did both. The information we loaded into our floppy discs was accessed directly from our vehicle~~we carry our laptop computer in the vehicle. In that way, we can follow along, paying attention to those points of interest which we have selected. If you wish to have a better appreciation of what I am talking about, log on to this site–http://www.milebymile.com Look for the Province/State which interests you and then look for the particular section of highway within same. Note: Not all States have been completed. More about computer and other “hi-tech” aids later, enough already for now!!

The next morning we toured OLD FORT WILLIAM. We mentioned earlier “The Circle Route” around Lake Superior~~Fort William is at the western tip of Lake Superior. Of the 14 people in our guided tour, 12 were Americans. Our guide, Gervais, led us through many of the buildings~~good explanation related in an interesting style. I learned a good deal about the conflict between the Hudson Bay Co and the NorWester Fur Trading Co., and about the life style of those who lived in the Fort. Young Scottish boys at the age of 14 came and stayed while they learned the fur trading business. Not only did we learn about furs and fur trading, we witnessed the activity of their workshops~~canoe making, wood working, and other skills necessary to maintain life in early North America.

No European Wives were permitted on site!! They either remained in Montreal or in Scotland!! Reason: to ensure no money spent on either Churches or Schools!! One has to admit that this is a novel way to control company expense! Some European men had married Indian Women or Métis. The visit was both enjoyable and educational. We recommend it to you should you be in the vicinity of Thunder Bay, ON.

We promised you a word or two about Kakabeka Falls (above) Known as Niagara of the North, Kakabeka Falls plunges 40 meters over sheer cliffs and some of the oldest fossils in the world. You get a bird’s-eye view from jutting platforms and trails along the gorge. 2003 09 22. 

To-day’s note: 2015 02 28) Either I did not take pix >> OR IF I DID, I cannot locate.  Both possibilities “surprise me”??????  Stan

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