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Careful Readers will note the new CROSS!!  To read the story, click:  Click on pic to expand, i.e. to see the new Cross. A rain delay Friday caused the Southwest Coast District Masters to last all day Saturday instead of … Continue reading

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Florida’s Leading Point Personality, Glen Peltier, Comments Favourably on Earl Ball’s posting.

I want to congratulate Earl on all his success and the records he has set. No one has ever  tried harder than Earl to perfect his game. To his credit, he comes back to the very last match to earn his points. He … Continue reading

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“One Life Journey Ends; A New Life Journey Begins!!” As Michael Touches Down at TPA on 2015 03 30 09:30.

This Man, this Shuffler, arrived at TPA (Tampa International Airport) this morning at 09:30 (2015 03 30). Michael Zellner is returning to his native USA after a couple of decades in Brazil.  For the record, his wife Ivone and daughter … Continue reading

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Earl Ball reflects on Where He Is!! He asks: Am I in the Middle of No Where?

IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE Stan reprinted a couple of articles recently that talks about how many points I had at various points in my career so I thought I would update the record. As we approach the end … Continue reading

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Kudos go to the Clearwater Club and the WCD!!

As many of our readers know, Clearwater hosted an “Amateur Invitational Tournament”. The event was held on Sat, yesterday, March 28, and I have already received enthusiastic positive reports. Stan 2015 03 29. WCD State Delegate Frank Niziolek had this … Continue reading

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This message from the Florida Dept. of Consumer Affairs

Internet Scams Scammers commonly use the internet to commit fraud through unsolicited emails. Fraudulent individuals can easily copy the logo or even the entire website of a legitimate organization in an attempt to lure you into providing personal information or … Continue reading

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JOHN BROWN HAS A NEW “CROSS”. Look for It, the next time you see him!!

Did you notice the bright red ribbon around John’s neck and the new wooden cross? ? They came from his neighbor in Indiana, Ron Howard, who lives in Betmar. Ron has long been one of John’s most ardent fans. I … Continue reading

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Doris Bumstead Left Us on 2015 03 27. May She Rest in Peace.

We regret to inform you that Doris Bumstead of Wyevale ON and Lakeland FL passed away on the morning of 2015 03 27.  Doris was a member of the Lakeland Club as well as her home club, Coldwater, ON.  In MEMORY of … Continue reading

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Warden; First There Was Ken, AND NOW there is Ken!!

  No one would be surprised if I told you that Earl Ball provoked this discussion regarding some of our Earlier Great Players!! That is  Ken Warden Sr., above left, AND above right we have Ken Warden Jr.  Ken Sr. … Continue reading

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Glen Peltier Became One Day Older on Friday, March 26th. However; this was a very special Day!!

Glen Peltier celebrated the anniversary of his birth TO-DAY!  March 26th, 1936.  My tribute to Glen is sharing with fellow shufflers these significant remarks by Glen.  Stan McC. 2015 03 26. FROM GLEN PELTIER : As for me, the best player … Continue reading

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