Why Does the CD Call Their “Masters”, the Reiny Schleier District Masters??

Reiny S.

Pic is of Reiny Schleier, the Founder of the Central District, District Amateur Masters, thus the term

Reiny Masters! 

The colloquial term for the Central District Masters has, over the years, been called the Reiny Masters. Technically the Reiny label applies only to the District Amateur Men and Women.  If you are interested in HOW and WHY the Reiny began, enter the words Reiny Masters into the search rectangle, top right of the page, and hit search.

The Reiny contestants, i.e. the Top 8 Men and Top 8 Women based on the number of wins during the season, compete by playing Non Walking Singles, 12 Frame Games.  They play each of the other 7 players in the Top 8.  (The State Am and the Pros play the same format.)   This makes for two full days, two very heavy days of shuffleboard!! 

Must Read:  To gain some insight into the significance of the Reiny, and to read  about the 1st Male to take 1st place in the very first “Reiny”, go here: https://theshuffler.net/2013/03/10/joe-bussert-1st-winner-of-the-reiny-masters-in-the-cd-of-the-fsa/  Joe was from Winter Haven. 

AND NOW TO THE FIRST WOMAN!!  An absolute must read if you have any interest in our history!!  A dedicated competent shuffler >> CONNIE TETU.  https://theshuffler.net/2013/03/11/reiney-masters-cd-womens-a-must-read/    Connie was from NALCREST.

The Lakeland Ledger covered this event!!  I have sent them an article regarding our Reiny !!  Let’s see if they publish it!!

Stan McCormack. 2015 03 18

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