Warden; First There Was Ken, AND NOW there is Ken!!

 Ken Warden Sr.Ken Warden Jr

No one would be surprised if I told you that Earl Ball provoked this discussion regarding some of our Earlier Great Players!!

That is  Ken Warden Sr., above left, AND above right we have Ken Warden Jr.  Ken Sr. shuffled out of Georgetown, and was a member of the Lakeland Club; in fact Ken Sr. became the President of the Lakeland Club.   Son Ken also lives and shuffles in Georgetown at the present time, 2015. Ken Jr. is also a member of the Lakeland Club  AND I HEAR that he is accepting a position on the Board of the Lakeland Club!!   What is that saying?? “The Apple does not fall far from the tree??” 

And now to the original story of 2010.

On Feb 02nd of 2010, Earl had this to say about Ken Worden (deceased): “I went into this season with the goal of passing Ken Worden on the All Time Points List and I’ve done it!  Ken was a great shuffleboard player from the Central District, Lakeland, FL. I know that because he scored 504 points in his career and even though I never knew Ken, I do know what it takes to score so many points.  I started the day with 503 and won the quarter finals today in a 64 team field at Betmar.  Now I need a new goal. Earl Ball 2010-2-2:

SHUFFLER’S NOTE: Earl set out to surpass the record of Ken Worden of the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club, Central District, FSA. Like Earl, Ken moved up quickly; his first win as a Pro was in the Nationals in 1973 when he came 4th. In his 3rd season as a Pro he received enough points to play in the Masters in 1973. In 12 years as a Pro, Ken has played in the Masters eleven times. HOWEVER; notwithstanding his skill and ability as a Shuffler, Ken never once won the Masters!! Glen Peltier, who played against Ken, will give his rationale for what Glen calls “A Riddle”!!

Glen speaks: “The riddle of all time is how did Ken Worden play the masters eleven times and never win once?? I will answer that riddle. Each Masters he was playing against Charlie Bone and Rosaire Biron.” 

We have already shared with you that this DUO of Jones and Bone sent shivers up the spine of every team they ever competed against!!!  click: https://theshuffler.net/?s=Jones+and+Bone

Stan and Alf in Co-operation with Glen Peltier. 2010-02-23.

Stan McCormack. 2015 03 27 06:18 Harrisburg, PA


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