JOHN BROWN HAS A NEW “CROSS”. Look for It, the next time you see him!!

IMG_0007John's Ron Howard

Did you notice the bright red ribbon around John’s neck and the new wooden cross? ? They came from his neighbor in Indiana, Ron Howard, who lives in Betmar. Ron has long been one of John’s most ardent fans. I was charged with delivering the new cross to John after Ron was unable to do it himself. He had intended to present the gift to John at the Betmar Tournament but John wasn’t there; Ron was very disappointed. It seems Ron spent a great deal of time reflecting on how to honor John the shuffleboard player who had such an influence in his personal life. It seems John and Ron was not only neighbors but severed on the local School Board together and then when Ron was Principle of the High School John was still on the School Board and was Ron’s boss. I can only imagine that John had great words of wisdom for Ron in each capacity. Ron does have one thing that John can no longer have. Ron is an undefeated Tournament Champion having won the novice 4-Park Championship in his only tournament.

Earl Ball.  2015 03 28.

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