Earl Ball reflects on Where He Is!! He asks: Am I in the Middle of No Where?


18-earl-ball (2)Stan reprinted a couple of articles recently that talks about how many points I had at various points in my career so I thought I would update the record. As we approach the end of the 2014/15 season I’ve won over 830 points in 16 seasons. That’s a lot of points but I find myself in the “middle of nowhere”. There’s no one around to catch for years to come; it’ll be at least three years for me to get to 1000 points, I wouldn’t call that a near term goal. I’ve won 94 State Championships and according to the record kept by Andre and Nicole Huot that’s one more than Glen and the most by anyone ever. So I guess the near team goal has to be 100 State Championships. I decided a couple of years ago to reduce my district participation so I could play with the guys at the Club in the morning from time to time and to allow myself some time to go back to playing golf and yet chase the 1000 point goal by traveling around the State. There wasn’t much to gain at the district level in that I hold the record for the most points, points in a season and “Masters” Championships. I’ve also severely reduced my National participation in that I have no one to chase. I have more points than any other male and championships too.

Shuffleboard has been good!

Earl 3-29-2014 : To read more about Earl, enter the words Earl Ball into the search rectangle and hit search. 

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