Kudos go to the Clearwater Club and the WCD!!

FSA_Logo[1]As many of our readers know, Clearwater hosted an “Amateur Invitational Tournament”. The event was held on Sat, yesterday, March 28, and I have already received enthusiastic positive reports.

Stan 2015 03 29.

WCD State Delegate Frank Niziolek had this to say: “Our Amateur Invitational Tournament was successful beyond all expectations. We had 123 District Amateurs and 54 Pros/State Amateurs. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had all 39 courts in use. Twenty six inside and 13 outside. This is the first time since I’ve been a member (six years) that all courts were needed. 

We’d like to thank the 100 Year Anniversary Committee for their support in promoting this tournament.

Frank continued: “We had a photographer and reporter here from the Tampa Bay Times Corp. I will send you the article when published.” Best Regards, Frank N.

Jim Allen, who participated, had this to say:  

“It was amazing!! There were not enough Pro’s and State Am’s to match up with all of the amateur players so a few players volunteered to play in that division.  Erik Hahmann from St Pete volunteered as did I.   

I played the first match as an amateur, and then the next 4 matches as a Pro.  But I had great partners and ended up 4-1 and in the money! 

It was nice to see so many shufflers, especially amateur players.   Thanh Tyne from the St Pete Club was there and she went 3-2 as an amateur.  Thanh will represent Vietnam in the upcoming ISA tournament and this event will give her confidence that she can compete with the ladies.  And tournament experience, which is so important.  

But the real kudo’s go to all of the people at The Clearwater Shuffleboard Club that worked so hard to make this event so special.   I spoke to many of the players and if they held this event next year it would not surprise me to see 200 players.  One of the many comments heard was that weekend events are easier for many players to attend to.  I know for us working folks that is so true!!!!!

Communication is so vital to promote these events.  I truly believe the work that the committee did to promote this event, the blog, the use of Facebook and social media, it all came together yesterday at The Clearwater Shuffleboard Club event.  (For but one example, click: https://theshuffler.net/2015/03/13/the-west-coast-will-have-an-invitational-event-on-saturday-march-28th-plan-now-to-attend/ )

These promotional events in Florida, actually all over the world, can only have a positive influence on our sport.  Shuffleboard has so many positive stories now and is attracting players from all ages.  Let’s all keep spreading the word!!!” Jim

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