“One Life Journey Ends; A New Life Journey Begins!!” As Michael Touches Down at TPA on 2015 03 30 09:30.

Michael, Ivone and Isabella Erminia November 2012FullSizeRender

This Man, this Shuffler, arrived at TPA (Tampa International Airport) this morning at 09:30 (2015 03 30).

Michael Zellner is returning to his native USA after a couple of decades in Brazil.  For the record, his wife Ivone and daughter Isabella will follow, most likely arriving mid May or early June.  Michael has two sons, Michael Karl, 36 a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer stationed in Jacksonville, and son Gabriel, in front, age 18, known to many of us for his shuffling prowess.      

Michael Zellner, from New York State, served 20 years in the US Air force before retiring. Upon retirement he moved to Sao Paulo Brazil and accepted a position at the University of Sao Paulo.

In 1997, he formed and led his first Brazilian National Shuffleboard team to Hendersonville, North Carolina to compete in the 17th International World Shuffleboard Championship. Michael organized and accompanied the Brazilian Shuffleboard Team to 2 International Inaugurals and 12 World Championships. In 2005 he hosted one of the most successful World Shuffleboard Championships in Rio de Janerio, Brazil.

Michael was nominated and inducted into the prestigious International Shuffleboard “Hall of Fame” in 2006.

After presiding over the Brazilian Shuffleboard Association for 15 years, Michael stepped down in January of 2011. In recognition of the progress of the Brazilian Organization, this month, March of 2015, Michael was proud to be inducted into the newly created Brazilian Shuffleboard Hall of Fame. Induction took place in Rio.

Michael was elected President of the ISA in 2011 and held that office since. During his presidency, the International Shuffleboard Association has grown from 5 to 7 member nations.

Michael also applied, in the name of the Association, and was immediately accepted to become a member of TAFISA (The Association for World Sport for All) and will led a 10 Member Delegation to present “SHUFFLEBOARD” to invited VIP guests representing over 100 nations and over 60 languages at the 5th World Sports For All showcase event held in Siauliai, Lithuania from 5-10 July, 2012.

Michael will be able to continue his close involvement with Shuffleboard, giving his attention to the upcoming 34th ISA to be held in Clearwater, FL beginning this October. 

Stan McCormack.  2015 03 30 09:30


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3 Responses to “One Life Journey Ends; A New Life Journey Begins!!” As Michael Touches Down at TPA on 2015 03 30 09:30.

  1. Thanks for everything, Michael!

    Good luck on your new journey,
    Bernar – ABS President


  2. stanistheman says:

    Luiz Pimentel responded: Mike, I feel happy to have learned Shuffleboard with you and be your best student and best friend in Brazil. I wish you success in the new life in the USA and you will always be greeted with joy in my home and with the honors due to a great friend. My family and I thank you for having lived with you since 1996.
    Congractulations, and be happy



  3. Michael Robert Zellner says:

    I am humbled and without words. Imagine Michael completely quiet!


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