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A rain delay Friday caused the Southwest Coast District Masters to last all day Saturday instead of an anticipated noon finish. Otherwise it was near ideal with vigorous play, spirited but friendly competition and lessons learned among new and old friends.

 Placing first in the District Amateur Men was Tom Putnam of Kingston, MI, a GM retiree who cares for the courts and discs as First-Vice President of Trailer Estates Shuffle Club now. Tom further promotes shuffleboard as President of the Caro, MI shuffle club where Michigan tournaments are held in Summer.

Second place was Adam Letz of Doylestown, OH, who plays out of Tidevue Estates in Ellenton. Adam was a mechanic employed by the city of Akron, OH who kept pumps, motors, etc. humming for many years. He also handles a shuffle cue very well, appreciates Dennis Wood and Rich Klingman who helped him learn the game. Adam considers shuffle a great blessing in his life.

Dave Patchkowski of Petosky, MI placed third. He and Becky winter at Sugar Creek Resort where he helps maintain the courts and promotes a league there of 36 couples. “Patch” credits Jill DeBruyne for encouraging him to try tournament competition. Like many of us, Patch also is a member of Bradenton Shuffle Club.

Bill Jenkins, a retired painting contractor from Franklin Furnace, OH, the southernmost point in Ohio, placed fourth. Like Patch, he also lives at Sugar Creek Resort in East Bradenton. Bill has shuffled off and on for a dozen years, but only has played tournaments a couple of years. However, he has played table shuffleboard in Ohio for 22 years, and has won more prize money on the table than on the courts.

Terry Weigel a native of PA, has lived in Florida 58 years, placed 5th. Moving from Coral Springs to Venice 3 years ago, playing now for two years, he belongs to both Venice and Bradenton Shuffle Club for the many benefits of membership.

Brad Thomas, a native of Minnesota, placed sixth. Brad has worked in many companies across America since serving in the US Air Force. He has managed stores and even worked for a company that liquidated bookstores. Brad has been in security and worked as a concierge, and yet works part-time as a substitute school teacher, finding most of this “good, good, good”.

Bernie Broda of Paradise Bay took seventh. A retired educator from New Jersey, he has shuffled only since 2012, competing in tournament play this season. He and Charlotte enjoy friends made in RV travels.

Emmons Berry of Indianapolis, IN and Sugar Creek Resort, placed eighth with six wins. At 82 now, he reflects on 45 years as a tool and die maker. A regular competitor in Indiana shuffleboard, Emmons and Jeannie participate in the Mercy Ministry in Indianapolis, and love winter in Florida where they can be visited by children and grandchildren

Serving as Alternate, Steve Slaughterbeck, a semi-retired Realtor and Auctioneer, is from Bluffton, OH. Now living at Trailer Estates, Steve enjoys coin collecting, carnival glass and sports, especially his new-found love of shuffleboard. Cindy Slaughterbeck now joins Steve at fun games at Trailer Estates.

Placing first in District Amateur Ladies was Kathy Laver of Hawaiian Isles and Newton, IA with 14 wins. She and Ken are preparing to celebrate 55 years of marriage in September. Ken, a photographer had to leave the tournament briefly to get more supplies. He must have more pictures of Kathy in action than any other player in history. Their son and daughters have blessed them with grandchildren who doubtless also find pictures of themselves. Kathy hopes they will see all these shuffling friends again in the fall. She hopes all will be happy and safe.

Placing second in District Amateur Ladies was Cheryl Putnam of Trailer Estates, who continues to work in Summer in the RV industry in Michigan. Cheryl has a degree in accounting and as warranty administrator and service advisor where Tom also works some in Summer, now has Tom saying she is his “boss” 24-7. Tom and Cheryl work very hard at Trailer Estates and are both honored as excellent competitors.

Third place goes to Dian Darrah of Paradise Bay and Boscawen, NH, where she works and resides at the Avaloch Music Institute, a music retreat for Chamber Musicians. She also operates a “Pick Your Own” blueberry business in July and August. She enjoys her family in New Hampshire, and credits Marilyn and Jerry Everett for helping her develop her game.

 Donna Schultz, fourth, a retired school teacher from southwestern Ohio, has only shuffled here for two years. She also enjoys reading, walking, and refinishing furniture. Donna is delighted with so many new friendships begun on the courts. Shuffleboard teaches patience on rainy days, humility, and she now realizes it takes years to become a good player.

Kay Lynn Duncan of Lansing, MI and Tropic Isles placed 5th. She is the daughter of Mike Mansberger, long-time shuffler who lived and played at Tidevue Estates. Kay Lynn has been married to Frank for 42 years. She won a beginners tournament at Tropic Isles in 2012 and looks forward to next season of dedicated play.

Judy Cross placed sixth. Raised on a cotton farm in Missouri, Judy and her family moved to Michigan after her father’s passing, and she met Dwayne Cross in high school. They have been married over 50 years, and raised four children. She enjoys time now with 6 grandchildren, and has been playing two years after watching Dwayne play since 2003. Judy appreciates meeting so many nice players.

Seventh place goes to Charlotte Broda of Paradise Bay. The Everetts taught her the skills of shuffle, and she enjoys it with Bernie.

Eighth place goes to Mary Pierce of Piney Point. She and Richard, her husband of 51 years, played together this season. She describes shuffleboard as a sweet obsession.

Paula Jacobson of Mt. Vernon Condo Association discovered shuffle after a rotator cuff injury interfered with golf. Residents of NJ, she and Larry have two sons. The Jacobsons belong to a three year old shuffle club at Mr. Vernon which has grown to more than 80 members already. Paula served as Alternate at the Masters.


     FL P-25 at Lakeland, March 25, Ladies Main: 1. Nancy Sclafani-Joyce Marquis. Men Main: 2. Jim Miller-Gerry Curwin.


     Today is the second day of FL P-26, Tournament of Champions at Clearwater.

Next Monday, April 6, FL P-27 Florida Masters at Pioneer Village on Bayshore Road in North Ft. Myers.


. Due to space limits, the results of the Open Masters will be in next Tuesday.

.     Word is received that Bertie Shaffer of Golf Lakes passed away March 23 at home. Our sympathy is extended to Charlie and their family and friends.

.     Happy Shuffling.

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