2015 04 24; Glenna Earle Reports; Norwich Open, England. Lead Up!

Another really busy day from Glenna Earle!!  Reporting from England. 2015 04 24.
Will not be long heading for bed….we started a tour at 8AM and returned to our stop at 8PM. After stopping at our favourite Caffe Forum for dinner we are now back in our rooms and ready to call it a day.
This day did not start out too well.  Early this AM we received a message from home to say my Mom is in hospital. After several tries to leave them a message at home, I found out the server for the whole area was down! No sense to call as it was the very early hours of the AM.
Went to breakfast where they did have wi-fi and was able to pick up and send a few messages before leaving on our day tour. The update as of this evening is that she has had a gall bladder attack and the hospital will try a few things to get it under control. My niece is with her, as both my sister and I are travelling. Nancy is on her way home from Fl and should be there tomorrow. What a lot of turmoil!

GE Changing GuardGE Stones Close UpGE Mezzaine (bath)We still went ahead with our day trip to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath. A very full day with much to see and very little time to do it justice. We enjoyed it all but might have been better to restrict the tour to only 2 stops. We a band and changing of the guard at Windsor Castle, and, the Queen was in residence. Like Kate, she was not readily at the door to welcome us, for some reason! What a marvellous tour we took there. Lots of people, hard to see things in detail.

From there we visited Stonehenge which was so interesting! Will not go into the history but there is plenty available online. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stonehenge)   From there, another hour on the bus took us to Bath, where the famous Roman Baths are located. It is another wonderful sight to see although no one was interested in even touching the water in there. Not too clean! Plenty of really ancient history there also.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bath,_Somerset)

The ride back to the city was about 2 1/2 hrs. Needless to say we all had a wee nap on the bus. Will try to forward a few pictures. Did not take as many as usual as my battery was dying.
We had a great day, although I am still worried about Mom.
Glenna.   Stan Speaks: Thank You so much Glenna.  We know your Mom is in good hands.  Glenna sent far more pix than I have shown in this file.  I will include them in a Slide Show. I am aware that not all of you will be able to view.  Stan 2015 04 24

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