Norwich Open: Joyce Smith shares her story of 2015 04 28.

J1 CathedralJoyce Smith Speaks: Hi Stan: One of our highlights of the day was the Norwich Cathedral, above. 

J2 entrance original J4 better pic J5 ent thinkThe next picture is the original entrance to the cathedral over 900 years ago.  We were allowed to take pictures inside the Cathedral and it is absolutely beautiful.  Re center pic left, interior of Cathedral, click once, PAUSE, and then click again; FANTASTIC!!) After visiting the Cathedral, we went to St. Andrew’s Hall were Bob and I along with Jim and Beth Allen, Grant and Linda McRae, Bill and Maureen Bryan and several others assembled courts for our tournament tomorrow.  The newspaper will be there at 8:00 for interviews and TV coverage beginning around 10:30.

J6 Oldest T Pot J7Afterwards we visited the Norwich Castle where we saw the falcon on his nest via video camera.  We also saw the largest teapot in the world.

All of this was after a 2 hour boat ride with a great tour guide who was so knowledgable about the history of Norwich.

We concluded our day with about 16 of us meeting for dinner at the Glass House Pub.  We had a great meal and lots of good conversation.

Glenna, Muriel and Myrna will also have some great pictures to share.

Thanks so very much Joyce!!  Appreciated by readers I am sure!!  Click on pix to expand.  To read this or any article related to the Norwich Open, enter the word Norwich into the search rectangle and hit search.   Here are links to Slide Shows:

Stan McCormack.  2015 04 28 20:15


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  1. Jack Cowern says:

    Joyce, I found your picture on a facebook page of Gloria McLaughlin and also found a friend mine, Jim Glynn age 83 6/20/1933 Do you know him I am looking for his street number and street address that he shares with Gloria Mclaughlin. Does Gloria have a daughter also named Gloria Mcaughlin? A.C.


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