Norwich Open; We Give You Team Pix!! 2015 04 29

Glenna All 29thPic above is of the 3 contingents; first level, we have “The Brits” and Tournament Director David Earle in Yellow ; second level in red we have the Canucks; and at the third level we have Uncle Sam’s contingent!  Glenna has also sent along individual pix and I will use them later, and will in those postings, give you player names!  I don’t know about YOU, but I think all 3 contingents LOOK PRETTY DARN SHARP!!!!!  Glenna described it this way:  “This a beautiful sea of colour!”

MB 29thMB 29th Allie Enos instructs Patricia and SueBeth Tourn on going (no narrative)Muriel Burnett speaks now: I show Glennis who served coffee and biscuits to players and spectators.  Note she is sporting an Ontario provincial pin and Canadian pin, a gift from a thankful patron.   Next is Allie Enos, a Pro from Florida, instructing two ladies – Patricia and Sue, who tried their luck at the game. Hopefully, these girls will be future club members, as they make good players.  David Earle was very organized, and tried hard to keep the games rolling along in a timely fashion. Thank you to David and all the volunteers who worked today. 

A great day, as smiles and laughter, along with the clicks of the discs echoed the halls of this lovely building.  Muriel Burnett

Stan McCormack.  2015 04 29. Thanks to Muriel and Glenna and Beth!!  Pic at right of the Tournament in full swing, sent along by Beth!!  (click on any pic to expand)  FOR TOP PIC, TRY CLICKING ON IT A SECOND TIME!!  Can easily identify players by so doing!!

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