Norwich Open; We Give You the Canadian Contingent!!

Glenna CDNs 29thFrom left to right, front row: Melody Potter, Glenna Earle, Myrna Bilton, Linda McRae, Glenda Brake, Doreen Norman, Shirley Bryan,  Charlie Bryan.  2nd row, from left :  Muriel Burnett, Maureen Bryan, Lenore Holder, Bernice Lindsay, Pam Hill, Bill Bryan, Clar Brake, and David Earle.  3rd row, from left to right: Rendall Bilton, Murray Burnett, Norm Lindsay, George Potter, Phil Hill, John Holder, Roy Norman, and Grant McRae.  Well? How did I do? I have never met the Potters! 

GREAT PIC BY GLENNA!!  WHO SAID SENIORS DON’T HAVE A GREAT TIME??  Click on pic once to expand; click a second time to see if his/her hair is parted correctly!!  I think they must be OUT TO DINNER?  No e-mails in the recent past??  lol sort of .

Stan McCormack.  2015 04 29 14:45 local.  CHECK THIS SLIDE SHOW! NEW!!



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